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Shona Whyte:

The October issue of Language Teaching is open to view and download PDFs during the month of September.


Articles include:

English for Business Communication

Vijay K. Bhatia and Stephen Bremner

Written corrective feedback in second language acquisition and writing studies

Dana R. Ferris

Our statistical intuitions may be misleading us: Why we need robust statistics

Jenifer Larson-Hall

Raising teachers' awareness of corpora

Ana Frankenberg-Garcia

Review of recent applied linguistics research in Finland and Sweden, with specific reference to foreign language learning and teaching Håkan Ringbom

National Standards: Research into practice

Eileen W. Glisan

Symposium: The contexualization of teaching and learning English as an international language

Yuan-Shan Chen

Symposium: (Dis)ordered processes of globalization: Policing and voicing language identities

Gao Yihong and Jan Blommaert and Sjaak Kroon

Symposium: Dynamic systems/Complexity theory as a new approach to second language development

Marjolijn Verspoor


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