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5 Truths You Need to Know About Competency-based Language Teaching | General Educator Blog
Communication first, grades second. Competency-based Language Teaching is all about getting your students functional in their new language. Try it out!
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Teaching students how to read in a foreign language? It's time to think outside the book. Balance books with these 5 creative reading materials.
Resources and Downloads to Facilitate Inquiry-Based Learning
Find information, strategies, protocols, and tools to promote curiosity and engage students in asking questions, thinking critically, and solving problems.
5 Favorite Task-based Language Teaching Activities Your Students Will Love | General Educator Blog
Get students solving problems like they would while working, living and traveling out in the real world. Get them practicing language in real-life situations!
6 Slick Techniques for Teaching Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom | General Educator Blog
Don't let your language teaching get dull and flavorless. Add a dash of spice with these 6 techniques for teaching culture in the foreign language classroom!
ELL Myths From The Trenches | Teacher Collaborations Benefit ELLs
by Ruslana Westerlund There are many sets of myths that have been written on the hot topic of second language acquisition. McLaughlin's list is still read by many, even though it was written in 19... | Teacher Collaborations Benefit ELLs
Constructive Thinking and the Perfect Fixer-Upper
High school students can take a class that, through a joint effort by their school district and community, lets them redesign and remodel a house.
CLIL: What It Is, and Why Language Teachers Will Find It Delightful | General Educator Blog
Do you know what CLIL is? Here's your complete beginner's guide to Content and Language Integrated Learning—a powerful method to teach language.
The ESSA and ESL Teacher Education | TESOL Blog | Teacher Collaborations Benefit ELLs
Kristen Lindahl discusses how the new U.S. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) impacts English language education—and what is missing from the legislation. | Teacher Collaborations Benefit ELLs