Nominations are Open for Top Sex Bloggers of 2013! | Between My Sheets | Women: Relationships, alcohol, porn, lesbians, masturbation, swinging, fantasy, female sex predators and orgasm |

The rules are simple:

1. You can’t nominate yourself. You can post on your blog or via social media asking your fans to nominate you. Click here to easily tweet to your fans!

2. You don’t have to be a sex blogger yourself to nominate people.

3. Each nomination should include the blog url. I don’t know everyone, and some bloggers have the same names.

4. Blog content can be anything sex related. Nothing illegal, obviously.

5. The blog can’t be protected. It’s ok if a few of the posts are protected, but the entire blog can’t be behind a password.

6. The blog should be at least a year old, but anyone who’s been blogging since at least Jan. 1, 2013 will be considered. Special exceptions will be made for someone who has recently moved to a new blog, but was previously blogging somewhere else.

7. You can nominate as many bloggers as you like, but please try to limit to your very favorites.

8. The blog must be active, which means that the blogger posts at least once every week or so. When I judge in October, any blog with no posts in the last 45 days will be eliminated.

9. A few blogs have been retired! Those who have been named as the top blog are retired to make room for new awesome bloggers on the list. Retired bloggers are: Sinclair Sexsmith, Coquitten (blog no longer available), Guy New York and the Dirty Gentleman, and Molly’s Daily Kiss.

10. Nominations close on September 30. I recommend nominating your favorites right now so you don’t forget. You an also come back and leave an additional comment with more nominations if you think of someone else who deserves to be on the list.

Comments are moderated here, so if you’ve never posted here before, please be patient while I manually approve your nominations comment. If it doesn’t appear within one week, feel free to email me about the problem at rori-at-betweenmysheets-dot-com. If you don’t want to make your nominations public, for whatever reason, you can also email me at this email address with “2013 Nominations” in the subject line.

Via Gracie Passette