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GPS Astray: Lost in Death Valley

GPS Astray: Lost in Death Valley | claudia |

"Three women’s Death Valley day trip soured after their GPS led them to the edge of survival."

Via Seth Dixon
Mike Carney's curator insight, September 30, 2013 4:48 PM

GPS devices are very useful tools, but if you don't know how to use them properly they can be very frustrating and sometimes can get you into trouble. On the surface a GPS seems like a pretty fool-proof navigation device, but that's giving people way too much credit. A lot of (older) people can have a hard time following them. Take my mother-in-law for example, she once got lost for a half hour on the ten minute drive from my house to the highway. Somehow she missed the ONE turn and apparently didn't understand how to make a U-turn. People generally go astray if they fail to update their GPS, don't know how to configure their settings properly, or follow the GPS blindly. People often forget that they can just use the GPS as a map and figure out their own routes when the GPS is being wonky. Its also a good idea to keep real maps in your car so you don't have to rely soly on the GPS. The women from the video were dealing with a GPS that was following inaccurate and outdated information. At a time like this its a good idea to pull over and get out the map rather than drive in circles until you run out of gas.


Ana Cristina Gil's curator insight, October 12, 2013 3:43 PM

       Is not always the best idea to only rely on you GPS when traveling, best thing to do is to get and updated maps.  Is always good to get information on where you are going, how long are you going to be there? So you can get enough supplies like food, water, clothes etc.  Also are you making other stops along the road? Let someone know where you going therefore; if something happened to you they know where to look for you, once again don’t always trust on electronic. Prepared AHEAD!!

Justin McCullough's curator insight, December 12, 2013 1:21 PM

Although I have grown up around technology, I've always been a little skeptical about its reliability. It is a good thing to have a GPS, but we should not rely solely upon it. Relying solely upon technolgy is not as good as it sounds. In some cases the GPS could be wrong and in instances such as these we need to be able to think for ourselves. Not having this ability is a dangerous situation. 

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Por qué tengo que llevar casco al montar en bici

Por qué tengo que llevar casco al montar en bici | claudia |

(2013/06/10) Con motivo del anuncio de algunos cambios que el Gobierno quiere introducir en la normativa de tráfico, se ha generado en España un encendido debate acerca de la conveniencia o no de ampliar el uso obligatorio del casco en la bicicleta también a las vías urbanas. Por el cariz que está tomando el asunto, parece que determinados grupos quieren trasladar esta cuestión a un espectro mucho más amplio, donde se discuta el papel que debe jugar el Estado frente a las libertades individuales. Desde el estricto ámbito de la seguridad vial para mí este debate no me resulta ajeno, y no solo porque desde 1990, con motivo de las primeras leyes del casco obligatorio en Australia y por razones profesionales, he tenido que analizar exhaustivamente este asunto, sino porque cada semana es el que mantengo con mi mujer cuando salimos a montar en bici: yo soy partidario del casco y ella no.

Via OBTENDOC, Deporte Sostenible Undav
Deporte Sostenible Undav's curator insight, June 12, 2013 11:13 PM

Por que tengo que llevar el casco?