Meeting and Exceeding Student Expectations of Teachers | classroom expectations |

"Go into most public school classrooms and you will see a sign, usually in the front of the classroom, listing what the teacher expects of students in classroom behavior. In addition to behavior, what teachers expect of students academically influences achievement. Researchers have established that when teachers have high or low expectations of what their students can achieve–especially low-income and minority students–those expectations color what students do achieve (Journal of Teacher Education-1987-Good-32-47). The point is that teacher expectations of student behavior and academic performance matter. To do only what students expect is to be trapped by their traditional expectations of what a 'good' teacher is. The tightrope act teachers have to negotiate is to initially meet what students expect–'good' teaching–then move beyond those beliefs to begin reshaping their expectations of “good” teaching to appreciate and learn from a far larger repertoire of classroom approaches and develop the personal relationships essential for learning to occur." | by Larry Cuban


Via Todd Reimer