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"A multisource video news analysis service  WITH TRANSCRIPTS that highlights nuances in reporting from media outlets around the world."


"The purpose of is to compare how multiple news outlets from around the world (e.g. The New York Times, France 24, NDTV, Xinhua, Fox News Channel, The Guardian, and cover the day's events for people who want to stay up to date, but don't have the time to seek out multiple sources on their own.

 "'s approach embodies a basic principle of comparative journalism: asking the same question to multiple sources and comparing their answers. The site features a variety of sources across multiple media platforms"

 "'s mobile applications have enjoyed widespread success. The New York Times reported how Newsy's iPad app changed the nature of journalism on the device.

In July 2010, was recognized as one of the “2010 Hottest Companies in the Midwest” by Lead411."

Newsy won the 2011 Appy Award beating out CNN and Flipboard in the 'News' category."

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