Brisbane City Library – Architectural and Interaction Strategies | Civic design |

In this project we were challenged to design a library and its programme of services that would be built in a designated site in Brisbane. The site and context for the investigations would be the Howard Smith Wharves site in Brisbane, Australia.

This project provided the opportunity to experience remote design collaboration with the School of Design at the Faculty of Built Environment and Engineering of Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. In this international collaboration project, we were partnering with 3rd year Architecture students from QUT. We were Communicating primarily via electronic networks.

We worked in close collaboration with our QUT partners right from the beginning, to define the desired library programme for everyday scenario. In the latter part of the project during design implementation and visualization, our QUT partners were more concerned with designing the performative qualities of the architectural entities, while we contributed in terms of crafting and communicating the user experience, and designing a system of services and hardware/software products.