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So, you think you’ve got the hang of Gmail, but you’re sure it can do far more for you? Are you certain there are better ways of managing your email than your current methods? If this is your mindset, then you’re ready to read “Beyond the Inbox: The Power User Guide To Gmail” and ensure you’re both proficient and efficient. Your backlog of email will love you for it.

Reading about Gmail power user techniques will enable you to lift your game a little and ensure your workflow is as smooth as can be. And when we’re talking about email workflow, this will inevitably result in a lot of saved time for you.

Shay Shaked takes us through the steps of smart Gmail usage and leaves no doubt in your mind that you’re heading in the right direction. Soon you will have conquered your email and it will no longer conquer you.

The Power User Guide To Gmail will teach you about:

✔ Using themes productively

✔ Using smart labels

✔ Clearing your inbox

✔ Creating filters

✔ Using Gmail chat for much more than just mere chatting



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