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The Public Domain Review showcases a growing  collection of films (no total number available is listed), mainly from the Internet Archive, which are now, because of time, in the public domain (free of copyright). Categories include : Clips · Shorts · Silent Features · Talkie Features Animation · Comedy · Drama · Thriller/Noir · Horror · Fantasy/Adventure · Documentary · Ephemeral. the films can be also be filtered by decade/period ( from pre-1900 - 1960s). Each film is supported by useful notes and comments which will be helpful for further research.


I would suggest if you are remixing video this would be an excellent source from which to draw content. It also features a very early remix - Charles A. Ridley's Nazi Style Lambeth Walk.


This is an interesting collection of historical films, many of which can be downloaded from the website. Very useful for film and media studies courses and possibly some other topics as well (e.g. musical composition for film).


Two suggestions:  (1) that the film thumbnails have a note showing the time duration of the movie or video clip - I always like to know how long an item is before I build a learning activity around it. (2) that the website has 'total films available' information somewhere (e.g. in the 'about' page).  


Thanks to theo kuechel for curating this resource.


My rating: 8.5/10

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