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The way that users have utilized the Internet has changed since its inception. References to Web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 allude to an evolved relationship with online information and interactivity.


To be more specific, Education 3.0 relies on autonomous learners engaged in self-directed learning. Contrary to being laissez-faire, this student-centered learning model is, according to Instructional Psychologist Dr. Charles Reigeluth, “attainment-based” allowing for an “additional focus on thinking skills, creativity, personal qualities, and other 21st century skills.”


===> Reigeluth defends Education 3.0 saying, “We need to refocus education from sorting students to helping all students reach their potential.” <===


To describe what this looks like, Dr. Jackie Gerstein writes, “[Students] can engage in self-determined and self-driven learning where they are not only deciding the direction of their learning journey but they can also produce content that adds value and worth to the related content area or field of study.”


Via Felix Jacomino, Gina Bruce, Gust MEES