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It’s now more evident than ever that CEOs who don’t engage in social media, may as well be conducting their business in a cave....


...CEOs and their executives ride shotgun in setting the cultural tone of the organization. Simply put, participation in social media promotes the use of social technology, which can only increase its competitive edge in adapting to technological market changes. Having a transparent and open organizational culture is imperative in establishing an effective social media strategy; it gives everyone a clear and common focus to tailor to the needs of the social consumer – a fact that escapes a lot of today’s CEOs.


BrandFog 2012 CEO Survey concerned this exact topic and reproduced some baffling results:

- 82% of respondents were said to be more likely to trust a company whose CEO actively engages on Social Media.

- 77% of respondents were recorded to be more likely to buy from a company whose mission and values are defined through their leaderships’ involvement in Social Media....

Via Jeff Domansky