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Beyond Jobs: we need less of them, not more

Beyond Jobs: we need less of them, not more | Chuchoteuse d'Alternatives |

“Notwithstanding this culture of work’s ideological claims to the contrary, jobs are less preconditions for freedom than impediments to freedom’s concrete realization.


Beyond consuming most of workers’ waking hours (consuming that which constitutes the precondition for freedom – time), jobs also wreck people’s health, vitiating freedom in the sense of bodily movement as well.


Moreover, that people are compelled to work a job – irrespective of the job’s need, or function – demonstrates the consanguinity of jobs and dependency, rather than in-dependency. Some may counter at this point that needing a job is just a natural, unavoidable fact – that people must work to live. But the inordinately excessive amount of time that people devote to work in the US (and capitalist societies in general) is less a natural fact than a cultural one.

Via Christophe CESETTI
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En Hollande, un Combi transformé en "maker bus", un fablab mobile

En Hollande, un Combi transformé en "maker bus", un fablab mobile | Chuchoteuse d'Alternatives |

A fine restored 1971 vintage Volkswagenbus is being converted into a mobile fablab with a lasercutter, 3D-printer etc. and can be rented for events and schools, complete with its maker crew.

Via Thierry Curty, M-Christine Lanne
Thierry Curty's curator insight, December 13, 2013 12:17 PM

Eeeh oui, plus besoin d'usines et d'employés pour fabriquer nos petits trucs.

Tous au chômage. xDD

Frédérique-Rose Maléfant's curator insight, January 20, 2014 5:03 PM

Un fablab mobile en Hollande