Chronique d'un pays où il ne se passe rien... ou presque !
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Chronique d'un pays où il ne se passe rien... ou presque !
« Je ne cherche pas à connaître les réponses, je cherche à comprendre les questions. »
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Rescooped by Daniel Denninger from Geography Education!

Missing Girls...

"In India, China and many other parts of the world today, girls are killed, aborted and abandoned simply because they are girls. The United Nations estimates as many as 200 million girls are missing in the world today because of this so-called 'gendercide' or femicide."

Via Seth Dixon
Daniel Denninger's insight:

faites le savoir autour de vous... !

Jess Deady's curator insight, May 4, 2014 9:10 PM

Females might be the underdogs of men forever. Hopefully this is not the case but it just seems like it will be sometimes, doesn't it? Women have had issues with rights and equality from the beginning of time. Things need to change on a global scale for horrible situations like this to stop occurring so frequently.

Sreya Ayinala's curator insight, December 2, 2014 9:52 PM

Unit 3 Cultural Processes and Patterns

Amanda Morgan's curator insight, December 15, 2014 3:45 PM

This femicide is extremely disappointing.  Genocide is expected in third world, war torn countries.  The fact that it's 2014 and female babies are murdered for being girls, and parents are scared for their  children's lives, show how much power the government has over the people's lives. It is sad to think the government has the power to dictate how many children families can have and what gender.  On the flip side, these are countries that are extremely overpopulated.  The one child policy in China is what China is currently using (along with this femicide) as population control.  This is an important issue because there needs to be some sort of population control, but to what extent? This is taking away someone's basic human right - to procreate. Parents do not have control over what gender they produce and if they produce a female, their child may be taken and murdered from them. The state takes away what you created, your offspring and there is nothing they can do about it. 

Rescooped by Daniel Denninger from Shabba's news!

CNRS Podcast Urbanisme Habitat Société

CNRS Podcast Urbanisme Habitat Société | Chronique d'un pays où il ne se passe rien... ou presque ! |

De Marseille à Créteil, de Villeurbanne à l'Île-aux-Moines en passant par Saint-Ouen, Lyon, Guise, Paris et Méry-sur-Oise, le CNRS propose aux internautes de découvrir les recherches menées dans le domaine de l'urbanisme. Destinée à un large public, la nouvelle série de podcasts vidéo « Urbanisme, Habitat, Société » privilégie trois axes : histoire et approche sociologique ; matériaux, énergie et réseaux ; et la ville de demain.

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