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Oil Pirates and the Mystery Ship

Oil Pirates and the Mystery Ship | Chris' Regional Geography |

"Forget Somalia, the world's new epicenter of piracy is on the other side of Africa."


Some experts believe that the uptick in the number and geographical reach of pirate attacks is due in part precisely to the 2009 government amnesty for the Nigerian militants in the Niger Delta who had justified their attacks on oil infrastructure and their widespread theft of crude oil as a political protest. "With the political pretense lost, there is no longer any need for oil thieves to limit themselves to targets in the Delta," a United Nations study said.

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This article points to the little known problem of piracy off the western coast of Africa.  When one thinks of African piracy, one thinks of the Somali pirates it is important to know that piracy is not just limited to eastern Africa.

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U.S. Navy Intercepts Pirate Attack - Photographs -

The aircraft carrier John C. Stennis broke up a high-seas pirate attack on a cargo ship in the Gulf of Oman, freeing 13 Iranian hostages who had been held captive by pirates for more than a month.
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For Iranians Held by Pirates, U.S. to the Rescue

For Iranians Held by Pirates, U.S. to the Rescue | Chris' Regional Geography |
In a high-seas operation mixing diplomacy, drama and Middle Eastern politics, American sailors boarded the mother ship of Somali pirates and freed 13 Iranian hostages who had been captive since November.
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This news release tells of yet another piracy incident by Somali pirates.


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