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Tackling modern day slavery - Al Jazeera Blogs

Tackling modern day slavery - Al Jazeera Blogs | Chris' Regional Geography |
Britain gets serious in addressing the very lucrative business of human trafficking.
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Devolution: A Beginner's Guide

Devolution: A Beginner's Guide | Chris' Regional Geography |
What is devolution and how has it changed how Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are governed?


This article with videos, charts and images was designed as a primer for UK voters for the 2010 election to understand who devolution in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland were reshaping the political landscape in the United Kingdom.  It is general enough that even though it is outdated as a news story, it serves as a concrete example from geography students to understand the processes and reasons for a decentralization of political power.

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Here is an article March 2013 updating the latest in Wales


"Silk Commission:  Mixed Reaction Over Devolution Power" 3/16/2013 BBC


     Since 1997 there have been many changes in the devolution processes Westminster still holds the most governing decisions but it seems that the UK taxpayers do not want their money to go to other countries for public services. 

Railing is a big issue since there have been alot of plans for improving infrastructure in transportation to build up the economy.  This will be particularly interesting to follow in the news.

     Liberal Democrat Leader Kirsty Williams stated a need for a new model of devolution  with clear definitions and the Conservative Lib. Dem. coalition's 114 page document to the Silk Commission states policing, broadcasting, and energy projects should remain under Westminster but to devolve teachers pay and rail franchises.






Don Brown Jr's comment, July 16, 2012 6:34 PM
What does local autonomy based on national identity mean for the English in terms of power and who or what region(s) will truly benefit from the continuation of this policy in the UK.? Is it possible that England is not pushing for their own separate form of representation because they already feel “unofficially” represented by the UK government and is it this feeling that is fueling the actions of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?
Paige McClatchy's curator insight, October 6, 2013 6:51 PM

The devolution of the United Kingdom is taking place at a legistlative level right now- if/when will Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland vote to actually secede? The article made mention that people in Britain are starting to get angry that they are subsidizing programs in Scotland that the English pay for themselves. What are the benefits to being a part of the United Kingdom? What's the best balance of power for all involved?

Jacqueline Landry's curator insight, December 17, 2013 3:21 PM

This shift can reshape the countries in many ways, financially, and the over all quality of life. A place will do better with connections than standing alone. This may help with international relation issues and build new relationships. When places depend on one another it can reshape the Country. It can also help with investment and jobs. 

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World reacts to death of Margaret Thatcher

World reacts to death of Margaret Thatcher | Chris' Regional Geography |
Politicians react to passing of ex-UK premier credited with restoring Britain's reputation on the world stage.
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Quotes from various sectors of government in the world

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