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Pull Up The Roots presents:                                     


The Spooky Men's Chorale        

Sunday 8 September @ Union Chapel                                                                                                         

Doors: 19:00 


Price: £16.50 / £12.50 under 16s adv + booking fee                                                                                        

Entry: Under 16s accompanied by an adult 







Be very afraid. Australia's notorious Spooky Men's Chorale returns to the UK and Union Chapel for one more tilt at the windmill of impossible masculine musico-foolishness!


Wave goodbye to choirs as you know them. This one is a macho juggernaut - zany, black-clad, big as a behemoth and show-stoppingly good. The behatted line-up will regale Spooky veterans and virgins alike with rib-tickling and sometimes heart-rending original compositions and eloquent arrangements by the inspired deerstalker-topped Kiwi choral impresario, Stephen Taberner.


Compellingly comic they may be but make no mistake, this is a class act. Not only can they sing like angels; they also maintain an impressive deadpan grandeur amidst the mayhem of their madcap humour. Who says men can't multi-task?!


With a sound variously described as "sexy, powerful, impossibly gentle and sad but unmistakably male" and "as warm as toast and as grainy as teak", their repertoire ranges from Georgian drinking songs to whisper perfect ballads and a string of improbable original hits like Don't Stand Between a Man and his Tool' and 'Stop Scratching It'


They also offer hilarious, elephantine retreatments of classics like Earth, Wind & Fire's Boogie Wonderland and the funniest version of Abba's Dancing Queen you are likely to witness. -


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