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Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps

Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps | chocolate cake |

Simplicity. The author's 8 steps are simple and direct. If you're looking for a KISS method for social media strategy, here it is.  Summary...


With all the new tools and platforms constantly emerging, it’s very easy to get fall into the trap of thinking about social media through a tactical prism instead of a strategic one. The best social media strategic plans are tools-agnostic, and set forth objectives and metrics that supersede any particular social venue.

Step 1: Build an Ark

The first step in the process is to create a cross-functional team to help conceive and operate the rest of the strategy.

Step 2: Listen and Compare

Your customers (and competitors) will give you a good guide to where and how you should be active in social media, if you broaden your social listening beyond your brand name.

Step 3: What’s the Point?

The best social media strategies are those that focus (at least initially) on a more narrow rationale.

Step 4: Select Success Metrics

What key measures will you use to evaluate social media strategy effectiveness?

Step 5: Analyze Your Audiences

What are the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your current or prospective customers?

Step 6: What’s Your One Thing?

Your product features and benefits aren’t enough to create a passion-worthy stir. So what’s that one thing?

Step 7: How Will You Be Human?

Your company has to (at least to some degree) act like a person, not an entity.

Step 8: Create a Channel Plan

Only after you know why you’re active in social at all, and how you’ll measure social media strategy success should you turn your attention to the “how” of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and the rest.

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