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Rescooped by Alan Xie from Kill The Record Industry!

Metallica leaves Warner Music with its masters, forms Blackened Records - Los Angeles Times

Metallica leaves Warner Music with its masters, forms Blackened Records - Los Angeles Times | Chipotle Diet | reports that Metallica is leaving Warner Music and forming a new label called Blackened Records. The longstanding relationship between Warner and Metallica has finally ended after many years of successful partnership. According to the band, one of the reasons that factored into the breakup is the ability for Metallica to control its creative destiny. As we have seen with other artists who have gone to alternative record labels in lieu of the mega-producers, song writing and creativity often fuels dissent between the artist and the producer. While the artist may be the one who receives the fame for music, the producers are largely in control of what actually makes it to the mainstream public. There has been a much greater resurgency of artists trying to get back to their original creative roots, and it wil certainly be interesting to see how Metallica handles this new entrepreneurial shift towards independence.

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Los Angeles Walking Tour

Los Angeles Walking Tour | Chipotle Diet |

"This map-based site contains hundreds of images of downtown Los Angeles, Displaying its tremendous architectural, cultural, and economic diversity. Maps of seven downtown subregions are accessible either by clicking on this map or on the list of subregion names to the left. Each regional map provides access to specific places in downtown in the same way."

This is one of the coolest things that I have found for my project. It gives you a sense of the different areas tat make up downtown LA. Los Angeles itself is massive, with many large sub-cities that comprise the Greater LA area. However, even downtown is broken up into many different little parts. What's very cool about this map is that it really breaks down the downtown area into its smallest parts and highlights things in great detail. It'll show you the location of many shops, retail stores, and banks. Each sector of the map can be clicked on and enhanced to be viewed in much greater clarity and detail. 

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