Submarine Cable Networks - China | China Commentary |

There are now 7 submarine cable landing stations in China.

China Telecom owns three cable landing stations, including


The Chongming Cable Landing Station

 for TPE, APCN-2,China-US CN and SWM3,


The Shantou Cable Landing Station 

 for APCN-2, China-US CN, SMW3 and


undergoing SJC, and the Xiamen Cable Landing Station 

 for the undergoing


Xiamen-Jinmen cable connecting Jinmen Island of Taiwan and Mainland China



China Unicom owns four cable landing stations, including:

the Qingdao Cable Landing Station  for the TPE and the EAC network


;two  cable landing stations in Nanhui,

, respectively for the FLAG and the C2C, and


the Changle Cable Landing Station   in Fujian province for the undergoing TSE-1 connecting directly Taiwan Island and Mainland China.