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Hello, Eline! That’s the 3rd issue of ‘Marcel & me’ and we’re delighted for having you here.

Hi Hervé! Thanks for your invitation.

Firstly, may I ask you to introduce yourself?

Of course. Once upon a time, during my studies to be an illustrator, a small agency scouted me online. I did some small jobs and sometimes worked as a model for other art school students. When I finished my studies and that agency quit, I wanted to see how far I could get as a model, since my art wasn’t making me a living. I mailed my pictures to some agencies and Shirley from SPS Model Management reacted positively right away and we met some days later. From then on things got busy. I spend some time in Milan working on my book, meeting a lot of nice people and doing fun jobs all over Italy. Last August I went to New York for the first time, to try my luck at Fashion Week. At the moment I’m dividing my time between modeling jobs and illustration. I like the fact that I can combine the two; one gives me inspiration for the other, as they both revolve around creating an image. People I might meet on a modeling job could be potential clients for my illustrations. We’ll see where things take me next.

Well, once again (see in 'Marcel & me' - Issue #02), what we have here is an interesting example of transversality. As we already told last week, we strongly encourage this type of creative approach.

Eline, it seems to me that you’re mainly based in The Netherlands ; may you recommend us three places you love most?

My first choice is the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. They have a very nice main collection and often have interesting exhibitions. It’s a beautiful building too. Next, I choose Artico Gelateria in Milan, because my roommate and I went there almost every day for gelato when we were staying in Milan. They have the best flavors and are open until midnight. Last but not least I pick the lovely neighborhood ‘Scheepsvaartkwartier’ in Rotterdam. There’s a little harbor that lights up at night. This part of Rotterdam wasn’t bombed and is full of beautiful buildings and parks. It’s where I used to live when I was a student and where I still take the waterbus, a ferry, to go to my boyfriend.

Thanks from all of us for these expert tips! Our to-do list is growing every week…
Now came the eagerly-awaited moment (drum rolls), the one of Marcel Proust’s questionnaire! Are you feeling ready to answer it?

Sure I’m in.

So, let’s play…



The principal aspect of your personality: Wit.The quality that you desire in a man: A good sense of humor.The quality that I desire in a woman: Intelligence.What you appreciate most about your friends: Their cheekiness and creativity.Your main fault: PassivityYour favorite occupation: Making beautiful images.Your dream of happiness: Being self-sufficient and cuddling a bunch of kittens at the same time.What would be your greatest misfortune: To turn blind.What you should like to be: Successful and admired.The country where you should like to live: England’s countryside in nice weather.Your favorite color: Muted colors and gold, but gold can get very tacky.The flower that you like: Semper Augustus Tulip.Your favorite bird: House Sparrow and Silkie.Your favorite prose authors: Charlotte Bronte, Louis Couperus, Ian McEwan.Your favorite poets: None.Your favorite heroes in fiction: Adrian Mole, Mr. Rochester, Frank-N-Further.Your favorite heroines in fiction: Elizabeth Bennett, Jane Eyre, Lara Croft.Your favorite composers: Eric Satie, Philip Glass and Ludwig Van Beethoven.Your favorite painters: Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Leopold Rabus and Peter Blake.Your heroes/heroines in real life: Alfred Hitchcock, Saskia de Brauw, Maxim Hartman and Hans Teeuwen.Your favorite names: I like Freya, Alexa, Rixt, Iris, Oliver, Lucas, Alexander and Olaf for people. For a cat, I like Beelzebubbles.What you hate most of all: Feeling useless.The gift of nature that you would like to have: Better eyesight.How you wish/want to die: Without pain.Your present state of mind: This is a very deep and difficult questionnaire. Have I made the right choices? I hope I don’t make a fool of myself.Faults for which you have the most indulgence: Cynicism.Faults for which you have the least indulgence: Recklessness.What is your motto?: 'Que sera, sera'. Whatever will be, will be.   


Dear Eline, we thank you very much for participating to this 3rd issue of ‘Marcel & me’ as well as your detailed and informative answers. It was really nice to chat with you.

You’re welcome.

We cross our fingers and wish you all the best for the following!

Thank you, Hervé! And thanks to ‘Fashion Models News’ for having me. See you soon!

With pleasure, Eline. And why not in Barcelona, where you’re now represented by Uno Models! 


And please U all, have a look on Eline’s Facebook Page! 


For record, Eline Jetten is represented by
WhyNot Models in Milan
and Uno Models in Barcelona. 
Her Mother Agency is SPS Model Management in Amsterdam 

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