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Photo: 'Cara' by Daniella Rech 

"Experience the season’s superstars at their finest in this striking black and white portrait series by Daniella Rech. Stepping away from the chaos of Paris fashion week and capturing girls behind the scenes during fittings. Rech gives a window into the world of each beauty, capturing their personality and poise in these simple, evocative images that run the gamut from adorable to serene – only in MDX."

View the 11 others : http://bit.ly/11tuZEa ;

(Grace Bol, Saskia de Brauw, Joan Smalls, 

Ashleigh Good, Maria Bradley,
Ginta Lapina, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, 

Marie Piovesan, Catherine McNeil
Kel Markey & Daphne Groeneveld)

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