10 Ways Social Media can support Change Engagement and Connection | Change Management Resources | Scoop.it

Leading change is about being connected to and engaging everyone affected by the change, a strength of social media.


Change leaders have engaged infrastructure that includes social media in other examples on this newsletter curation stream including IBM, Proctor & Gamble and Apple.



Acceptance of change – processes, services, working relationships, policies and more - can be accelerated across the organization through the real-time sharing of experiences.


Social networking and collaboration applications are extremely effective ways of bringing employees together to perform new processes and to share experiences – both the successes and the temporary setbacks. People with common interests or related roles can form communities to learn from and support one another.


 Deb:  At key points, it's important to create the environments and provide several good tools that allow staff to do this for themselves, instead of attempting to engineer all of this from the top.  Social media policies and guidelines help immensely.

Via Virtual Global Coaching, Deb Nystrom, REVELN