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Prosci has delivered a webinar on integrating change management and project management three times and asked attendees the following question:

“What are the most pressing topics or issues you are facing regarding change management and project management integration?”


Here are highlights of their analysis of the most common needs

Top 5 common pressing issues

1. Support and buy-in for change management from project teams

Participants felt that project leaders and project managers did not see the value or importance of change management. 

Tip: Make change management meaningful and real. 

2. Support for change management from leadership

...leaders and sponsors have a limited awareness of the need for change management, which impedes the critical integration of change management with project management activities. 

Tip: ...By making a direct connection between how well the people side of change is managed and the ultimate ROI of the project, you can shift the context and the conversation.


3. Scope, timing, and prioritization

4. Direction on how to integrate project management and change management. 

5. Role definition and clarity

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Change Management is an engagement focus.  Exert too much control, and you stifle it.  Here's more about control issues within a project implementation:



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