5 Characteristics of a Change Agent | Change Management Resources | Scoop.it

"Individuals that are successful as catalysts for change embody similar characteristics." 

Excerpts from a post by author George Couros:

1.  Clear Vision – and be able to communicate that clearly with others ...[and] tap into the strengths of the people you work with and help them see ...many ways to work toward a common purpose.

2. Patient yet persistent – ...many can get frustrated that change does not happen fast enough and they tend to push people further away from the vision, then closer.  ...change agents ...help to make sure that people are moving ahead.

3. Asks tough questions –...It is when people feel an emotional connection to something is when they will truly move ahead.  ...help people think, don’t alleviate that by telling them what to do.

4.  Knowledgeable and leads by example –...leaders have “character and credibility”...they ...can show by example  ...you have to not only be able to articulate what that looks like, but show it to others.

5. Strong relationships built on trust – ...approachable and reliable ...and not be afraid to do what is right, even if it is uncomfortable. 

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