The Happy Manifesto sets out a vision of happier workplaces. It is based on what organisations might look like if how they were organised and managed was decided by the people who are managed.


1. Find a way to delight a customer today
4. Find ways to make working together more fun and sociable

Trust your people

5. Pre-approve: A new approach, a problem to solve – get an individual or group to find a solution and then implement it without checking back with you.
14. Pass the knowledge on to your people, so they don’t need things approved.
15. Have your people write their own job descriptions.
16. Let people choose their own job title (or abolish job titles altogether.)

Make your people feel good

39. Help your people find a real challenge, and support them to achieve it
40. Create a quiet space, where an individual’s presence is trusted, respected and allowed to just be for a while.

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