Systems in Action:  Collaboration and the Internet of Everything ~ Cisco | Change Management Resources |

Change is constant. And technology has always been about change and convergence. "This is a wide ecosystem where everyone can participate and benefit."

Massive, global-scale change occurring now is happening at rates faster than anyone ever predicted.

How Big is “Everything”?

The Internet of Everything will create $14.4 trillion in value at stake through the combination of increased revenues and lower costs in just the next ten years – creating an opportunity to increase global corporate profits by an estimated 21% over the next decade.

The five main factors fueling this value are:

  • Asset utilization: $2.5 trillion in reduced costs
  • Employee productivity: $2.5 trillion in greater labor efficiencies
  • Supply chain and logistics: $2.7 trillion through eliminating waste
  • Customer intimacy: $3.7 trillion through addition of more customers
  • Innovation: $3.0 trillion through reducing time to market

Collaboration ties in throughout these factors. This is a wide ecosystem where everyone can participate and benefit: Small businesses, enterprises, service providers, system integrators, device makers are all critical to building out the connections and scaling experiences across every industry.