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"IT offers a seasoned perspective on both agility & change due to the volatile, fast moving nature of their field, including this CIO view on successful change Cs."

The author offers that IT is the lynchpin for crucial business change.  IT has also been labeled the accelerator of successful change.  

Consider the role of IT in facilitating growth in emerging markets (social media, analysis), adapting more agile business models [from IT we have agile as a business structure for projects), or helping with our increased dependence on collaborative, globally dispersed teams (Skype, WebEx, Google+ hangout meetings, anyone?)  ~ Deb




People won’t commit to “a good idea.”  ...People who have a “why” will accomplish almost any “how.”


Excerpted:  Four Secrets to Success - Commitment, Community, Clarity & Communication


1. Commitment. ...the single most important reason why CIOs cannot sustain change.


  • being bound emotionally and intellectually to a course of action 
  • [NOT] mere “compliance” -- people going along with a mandatory recommendation or new process without really believing in it
  • people ...believe in what they’re doing and are intent on completing the journey.
  • people have to make that jump themselves, even while their natural instincts scream at them to resist. 
  • invite discussion and dissent, air these misgivings and steer the negative emotions into positive ones.

2. Community   ...requires different people collaborating in diverse roles to purposefully drive change forward, leaving nothing to chance.   Key roles include: a change leader, change agents & advocates.


3. Clarity. People won’t commit to “a good idea” -- they need to understand why the change is necessary and why the current state is no longer viable. People who have a “why” will accomplish almost any “how.”   (For a good change model on this, see the DVF>R here.)




...invite discussion and dissent, air these misgivings and steer the negative emotions into positive ones.


4. Communication...the glue that holds the entire change initiative together. [This is more than] sending an e-mail, holding a town hall meeting or conducting a presentation. [Some also include] two-way methods, such as small-group meetings and facilitated Q&As.


Inspiring change requires more ...creating opportunities for groups to voice their concerns, bringing obstacles to light...and training, coaching and providing feedback, as well as opportunities for practice and learning.

...some IT teams now anticipate stakeholder needs rather than just respond to them; help reshape business strategy rather than just support it; and consult on business process improvements rather than just provide system upgrades.

The full article is here.  Author, Dan Roberts is the CEO and President of Ouellette & Associates and contributing author of the book "Unleashing the Power of IT," which profiles the successful change initiatives of three CIOs and their staffs.  

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