The End of "Results Only" at Best Buy, Theory X Returns? | Change Leadership Watch |

"Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly axes flexible work. the original "Results-Only Work Environment" and why it is worse news than Yahoo's remote-worker roundup."  

That is, if this Theory X style change ends up being  judged as short-sighted leadership decision.

Excerpts via Professor Monique Valcour's post :

Best Buy's flexible work program is ...the groundbreaking Results Only Work Environment (ROWE), one of the most innovative and celebrated examples of a company redesigning work to focus on results and boost performance through motivation-enhancing trust and autonomy.


"In a turnaround transformation, you need to feel disposable as opposed to indispensable."



The ROWE method has since been implemented in more than 40 companies.

The culture of work-life support in a company is the most powerful predictor of employee work-life balance as well as a key element in job performance, organizational commitment, and intention to remain with the company.

But top management exerts the strongest influence on culture...

CEO Joly made a very revealing comment following an investors' meeting in November.

  • "In a turnaround transformation, you need to feel disposable as opposed to indispensable." 

  • He is far from the only "Theory X" leader who believes that stressing employees makes them perform better. 

  • This underlying belief persists despite enormous research evidence to the contrary ...

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