Will the Girl Scouts Miss Out on the Change Leadership Badge? | Change Leadership Watch | Scoop.it

The Girl Scouts, that 101-year-old wholesome institution that boosts our young girls into women leaders, is struggling to change and remain relevant when the world around them is shifting from campfires to tablets.

...there have been fewer volunteer troop leaders and fewer young girls expressing interest in the organization, all of which has contributed to a 20% drop in membership in the past 10 years.

[There is] a creeping budget shortfall, which was addressed with layoffs and early retirements and additional debt from funding retirement packages...

...new CEO Anna Maria Chávez's first moves in the job were to trim senior leadership and launch new programs while simultaneously increasing the financial outlook of the Girl Scouts.

Some see her as infusing new life into an aged institution.


Reports from employees cite a culture of fear, and anonymous letters and rumors contributed to this labeling Chávez as the “Cookie Monster.”

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