The fatal car crash that altered China's change of leadership | Change Leadership Watch |

The infamous, and fake:  “Thank you. I'm well. Don't worry,” on a Chinese social networking site marked the beginning of the end during  leadership succession last month. ~ The Scotsman

This cautionary tales provides an anatomy of fractured succession in the high echelons of Chinese political leadership. ~ D

...the crash had more momentous consequences, altering the course of ...once-in-a-decade leadership succession  



The brief comment, published in June, appeared to come from Ling Gu, the 23-year-old son of a high-powered aide to China’s president.  Tt helped quash reports that he had been killed in a Ferrari crash after a night of partying.

However, later it came out the message was false, posted by someone under Mr Ling’s alias almost three months after his death.

The ploy was one of many that tried to suppress news of the Ferrari crash that killed Mr Ling. It is now clearer that the crash had more momentous consequences, altering the course of the Chinese Communist Party’s once-in-a-decade leadership succession last month.

China’s departing president, Hu Jintao,  suffered a massive reversal of his own when party elders – confronted him with allegations that Ling Jihua, his closest protégé and political fixer, had engineered the cover-up of his son’s death.