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"Nassim Taleb's third book argues that we can benefit from chaos, uncertainty, resistance and stress. In an antifragile system, randomness is your best friend."

The Lebanese-American thinker Nassim Taleb argues in his new book Antifragile that there also exist things that are the exact opposite of fragile.

Things that are not merely robust [or resilient], but beyond robustness, such that accidents and chance events tend to make them better and stronger – much like a glass that becomes harder to break every time you drop it on the floor.

You see the same phenomenon in industries where the level of competition and entrepreneurship is high. The nightlife in your city gets better for every restaurant that goes bankrupt. The bankruptcy itself is a sad event, and negative for those concerned, but the overall result of bankruptcies is to improve the quality of those that survive.

Nassim Taleb’s new word for this opposite of fragility is antifragility....

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