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"I’m sure you have, by now, heard the news."

It was the demands of the union, so many say.  However, there are other perspectives to the Hostess story. It's time for a reality check on what's happening to the furture of the nostalgic Twinkie. ~  D



Time for a reality check.



More than a few observers say they know who to blame: the union representing thousands of striking Hostess Brand workers who have refused to accept a new contract that would do everything from slash their salaries to their retirement benefits.


Time for a reality check.


  • Hostess has been sold at least three times since the 1980s, racking up debt and shedding profitable assets along the way with each successive merger.


  • The company filed for bankruptcy in 2004, and again in 2011.


  • Little thought was given to the line of products, which, frankly, began to seem a bit dated in the age of the gourmet cupcake. (100 calorie Twinkie Bites?  Really?)


Little thought was given to the products, which, seem a bit dated in the age of the gourmet cupcake.



Hostess Brands’ management gave themselves several raises, all the while complaining that the workers who actually produced the products...were grossly overpaid...

So now an estimated 18,500 workers will join the nation’s unemployment rolls. But’s unlikely such a fate awaits such signature products as Twinkies. Company executives have already asked for ...permission to ...selling off their famed product lines to other companies.

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