Change Leadership: 9 Insights | Ecology of Education | Change Leadership Watch |

Summary:  From Michael Fullan’s session, Leadership for All, - The question:


What practices lead to effective leadership in change?


9 insights of leadership.


1. Relationships first (too fast/too slow): The art of change is hitting that sweet spot — don’t come in so fast that you put people off, nor so slow that you get absorbed by culture.


>> Careful entry to new setting

>> Listening to and learning from those who have been there longer

>> Engaging in fact finding and joint problem solving

>> Carefully (rather than rashly) diagnosing the situation


2. Honor the implementation dip

3. Beware of fat plans

4. Behaviors before beliefs

5. Communication during implementation is paramount  >> Pair-Share in meetings: generating ideas & problem solving.


6. Learn about implementation during implementation


7. Excitement prior to implementation is fragile


8. Take risks and learn


9. Its okay to be assertive