Intuit's Scott Cook on Failed Global Expansion: 'We Should've Known Better' [VIDEO] | Change Leadership Watch |

Intuit founder Scott Cook and what went wrong the first time they rolled out the company's Quicken tax prep software worldwide.

It would see cultural due diligence was the lesson learned here.  



We can launch,  ....but then the sales slowed way down.  



Yes, it seems it was a ethnocentric blind spot.  Paraphrased:  ONLY in the US did we studying the customer & give them exactly what they wanted.  We didn't do that overseas.  




We'd get meetings of our global teams together…  We could launch, could get the press, we could fill the channel, we'd get initial evidence.


But then the sales slowed way down.   


Visiting the Japanese:  150 people crammed into the biggest room we had.   Strategy, plan, dream.  He asked for questions.  In Japan, they don't ask questions of the big guy.  Silence.


One engineer, finally, cautiously raised his hand:  Why does our product for Japan look just like an American product?  It was built for Americans, not Japanese.   …And he was right.  Ultimately the root cause problem was too hard to overcome.


The root cause was baked into our early decision.   …We build them based on what we knew in the U.S.


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