TRENDS: Students Are Fleeing Liberal Arts - How It Could Hurt the U.S. | Change Leadership Watch |

By Steve Yoder


"If there’s one thing liberal arts colleges offer, it’s critical thinking. That might be why this spring Occidental College is offering a course called Liberal Arts at the Brink? Navigating the Crisis in Higher Education.

The course examines whether college liberal arts curricula like its own can survive in a time of high unemployment and rising student debt.


[Will] college liberal arts curricula l...survive in a time of high unemployment and rising student debt?



The number of liberal arts colleges nationwide has dropped from 212 in 1990 to only 130 today, according to a study this summer in the journal Liberal Education.

The National Center for Education Statistics says the share of students matriculating with a liberal arts degree, as a percentage of all graduates, dropped slightly from 2004 to 2010 from 3 to 2.8 percent."



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