The Most Important Branding Checklist: The Stengel Brand Ideals | 'Wealth of the Product' |

How aligned is yoru brand to its "ideals"? When former P&G Marketing Director Jim Stengel wrote Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profits at the World's Greatest comanies he may have created the most important branding checkliss.


Stentel defined 5 Brand Ideals:

Eliciting Joy: Activating experiences of happiness, wonder, and limitless possibility.Enabling Connection: Enhancing the ability of people to connect with each other and the world in meaningful ways.Inspiring Exploration: Helping people explore new horizons and new experiences.Evoking Pride: Giving people increased confidence, strength, security, and vitality.Impacting Society: Affecting society broadly, including by challenging the status quo and redefining categories. How do your band ideals map? What is your bran's main benefit? 


Via Martin (Marty) Smith