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Massage quality cosmetics - a ritual that you should not miss. When applied properly, the massage is great therapeutic and beautifying agent. And when combined with good cosmetics, works wonders.
Top benefits of massage by Cellulite Removal Review
• Massage helps accelerate blood circulation and increases the supply of blood to the internal organs.
• Massage reduces levels of stress hormones.
• Massage helps to increase lymphatic drainage and prevents fluid retention, which make you look puffy and swollen.
Cellulite Massage
Massage is a great way to smooth out cellulite. Rub brush body every day. This enhances the circulation of the skin and lymph circulation, there by overcoming the retention of liquids which swell the fat cells. This procedure acts to soften the skin because exfoliates dead cells which accumulate on the surface of her foot and start with natural fiber brush rub the skin, always in the direction of the heart. The best time for this is in the morning and at night before a shower or bath.
Cosmetics for Cellulite Massage
Cellulite is more prominent in dry or dehydrated skin, so be sure to moisturize with a special cosmetics. Cellulite creams and gels not only moisturize the skin but also smooth fabric. Some of them contain ingredients that help improve circulation, reduce fluid retention and increase collagen production.go to my webpage