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The Condominium Concept: A Practical Guide for Officers, Owners, Realtors, Attorneys, and Directors of Florida Condominiums

$15.29 |

A practical and popular guide to operating a successful condominium association in Florida. Working tool with forms and references to the latest Florida Statutes. For officers, owners, realtors, attorneys and directors.
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Rental Property Millionaire: Comprehensive Beginner's Guide for Newbies

$13.38 |

All the Information You Need To Become a Rental Property Millionaire!

This book contains the secrets of success in the rental property business, broken down and simplified for beginners. All the info you need to begin is right here, delivered in a way that won’t overwhelm a newcomer with unnecessary information.

Rental Property Investing may seem challenging and intimidating for a newbie, but there’s an exact science behind it. If done correctly, it is guaranteed to become a source of long term Passive Income and truly make you a millionaire! But to do it properly and be successful, you need to follow the right steps and not fall into common traps. That’s where this book comes in!!

After reading this book, here is what you will discover…

The Basics of Real Estate Investing. Exactly what to expect, and the key things you need to remember A Step By Step Guide. A concise and easy to follow list of the EXACT STEPS you need to take to succeed at Rental Property Investing When to Invest and How to Find the Right Property. Information about the market and exactly where to look to find your first profitable investment Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. A list of mistakes that often plague newcomers, and easy ways to avoid falling prey to these pitfalls Success Stories. Tales about people who have made it in this business and exactly what they did to achieve success Why You Should Invest. An informational section on why you need to start investing today, no matter your age or financial situation! And Much much more!

If you are looking to become a rental property owner, this is the book you need! It is guaranteed to put you squarely on your path to success!

So what are you waiting for? Take Action Today and start your journey to becoming a Rental Property Millionaire!
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Firm Notes High Potential for Industrial Properties in Cebu

THE industrial market holds the biggest potential in Cebu’s property business as demand goes up, yet the present supply continues to be limited.

The analysis came from Pinnacle Real Estate Consulting Services, Inc. in a Cebu market report presented to local property stakeholders last Tuesday while announcing the opening of its first Cebu office at the VCFI Building along Archbishop Reyes Ave. in Cebu City.

“The Metro Cebu industrial market is very healthy. In fact, the industrial zones in Metro Cebu were filled up more than four years ago, well ahead of their counterparts in Luzon,” the Pinnacle report reads.

At present, Metro Cebu has 27 IT Parks or IT Centers, seven manufacturing zones, two tourism economic zones, and one agro-industrial economic zone. This translates to an estimated 120 hectares of economic zones.

However, there seems to be a scarcity of industrial properties in Cebu as key cities are mostly concentrated in residential and commercial spaces.

Pinnacle said there are less than three hectares of industrial space currently available for lease. Estimated occupancy of industrial spaces in Metro Cebu is at a high 97.5 percent.

The property consulting company, whose services range from brokerage, asset management, and property management, said it welcomes the development of a 50-hectare light industrial park in a reclaimed area in the town of Minglanilla, a joint venture between the local government and Mingmori Development Corp.

A revival of the country’s manufacturing sector is being eyed as the rising cost of manufacturing in China and concerns on intellectual capital protection are discouraging some firms from operating there.

Ayala Corp. chairman and chief executiive officer Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala was quoted in recent reports during the Philippine Manufacturing Summit 2016 yesterday that the Philippines can take advantage of “high-value manufacturing” in Southeast Asia, given the country’s healthy economic fundamentals.

But while the industrial property market holds the biggest potential for growth, Pinnacle director for research and consulting Jojo Romarx Salas said the dynamism of the Cebu office market, whcih has been heavily driven by the BPO industry, cannot be disregarded.

By the end of 2016, Pinnacle said there will be close to 900,000 square meters of Grade A office spaces in Metro Cebu. This is a growth of about 50 percent in the past four years, or an annual average growth of 12 percent.

“Four years before that, from 2009 to 2013, the average growth was 15 percent. While the growth is slightly lower, it reflects the maturing market and the Philippine office market in general,” the company said.

In terms of vacancy, the Cebu office market registers a 17 percent vacancy rate due to the increasing office stock.

In 2014 and 2015, office space vacancy rates in Metro Cebu ran at 7.9 percent and 11.5 percent, respectively.
By JEANDIE O. GALOLO | Sun Star Cebu | December 01, 2016
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Coastal Living Beach House Happy: The Joy of Living by the Water

$26.74 |

“This beautiful book is my new happy place. Dive in!” – Jonathan Adler

Beach people are not only “house proud,” but they are irrevocably “house happy.” With a unique attachment to their homes, coastal dwellers and their homes exude a certain warmth and beauty found nowhere else. Beach House Happy reveals six routes to the happiness found in beach houses, exposing how the walls and windows, doors and floors, décor and architecture combine to create an atmosphere in which we can breathe easier and be our best selves.
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Veranda Retreats

$40.31 |

With all the style, quality, and elegance you’ve come to expect from VERANDA, this entry in the magazine’s bestselling series of home decorating books invites you into the world’s most stunning houses.
Lushly romantic or quietly minimalist, boasting verdant farmland or a beckoning pool, every one of these stunning homes is a unique, super-luxurious getaway, designed to please the eye and recharge the body, spirit, and mind. Veranda Retreats features the magazine’s signature lavish photography, which allows readers to contemplate with pleasure even the smallest details of every breathtaking house and landscape. Enjoy the beauty and serenity of a North Carolina cabin, villas in Malibu and Ojai, a compound in Kennebunkport, a West Hollywood bungalow and Los Angeles house, as well as apartments in New York, Palm Beach, and Georgetown, and gorgeous properties in Dallas, Aspen, and more! Or journey to spectacular locations in the Bahamas, St. Tropez, and the Dordogne. Includes a foreword by Clinton Smith.
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Real Estate Investing: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide from A-Z of Learning, Planning, Marketing and Executing Real Estate Investing Principles (Volume 1)

$13.38 |

When it comes to reliable investment opportunities that are still open to the common man, there are few better places to look than real estate. With a few notable exceptions, real estate is almost always the best choice when it comes to low volatility investments that still manage to generate, at worst, an average return on investment and if you are interested in learning the core principles behind successfully investing in real estate then Real Estate Investing: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide from A-Z of Learning, Planning, Marketing and Executing Real Estate Investment Principles is the book that you have been waiting for. Inside you will learn not just the basics behind successfully investing in real estate but also the fundamentals such as learning about new markets as effectively as possible and making an investment plan that you are sure is going to be as effective as you hope it should be. What’s more you will learn how to let the rubber meet the road when it comes to executing what you have learned effectively and then how to market the property successfully once everything is said and done. Inside you will find •The most effective tip to keep in mind when it comes to trying to learn everything about real estate you can •All the lingo you need to know to talk like the pros…and understand what they are talking about • The eight most common mistakes that new traders make and how to avoid them •And more…
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Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home (Nolo's Essential Guidel to Buying Your First House)

$14.31 |

Everything a buyer needs to know to buy a first home, with insider tips and advice from the experts!

Rental prices have gone through the roof, more homes are coming up for sale, and buying a home remains a sound investment. But how do you know whether you’re ready? And what steps should you take in the weeks or months ahead to find, buy, and move into your new home? Nolo’s Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home will help you find the right place to live and invest in — and enjoy the process, too.

Filled with interesting facts, real-life stories and insights, and common pitfalls to avoid, this book provides everything you need to select the right type of home, the right mortgage, the right agent, the right inspections — and much more. Get the inside scoop on:

deciding between a house, condo, co-op or townhouse exploring your local market for the best value creating and managing a realistic homebuying budget qualifying for and securing loan financing getting the right inspections and insurance negotiating with sellers or new home builders successfully closing the deal

Read through the real-world experiences of over 20 first-time homebuyers, as well as valuable insights from a team of 13 real estate professionals, including:

real estate brokers attorneys who specialize in real estate a home inspector a neighborhood researcher a mortgage specialist and more!

The brand new edition of Nolo’s Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home is fully updated to reflect the dramatically changed U.S. housing market, with emphasis on how to assess the state of your local market and local homes’ true worth before making an offer and negotiating the terms of the deal. Download forms for book at
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ArthaLand’s Cebu Exchange Seen to Boost Visayas, Mindanao Economy

The Century Pacific Group of the Po family-led ArthaLand is seen to help boost Cebu’s economy in the next 5 to 6 years as it builds Cebu Exchange – its first green office project in the Visayas and Mindanao region.

To rise along Salinas Drive, Cebu Exchange is designed with the information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) in mind and is seen to accommodate at least 13,000 seats, which translates to about 40,000 business process outsourcing (BPO) agents for 3-shift operations.

The numbers mean an estimated annual income of P7.2 billion for Cebuanos and workers from the rest of Visayas and Mindanao, who will be directly employed by companies that will choose to hold office in the Grade-A building. This does not include the thousands of jobs to be generated while the P8 billion project is being constructed at the Cebu IT Park area.

According to Frost & Sullivan, there are additional 3 or 4 jobs generated for every direct job in the IT-BPM industry.

Cebu Exchange is set to rise along a major thoroughfare and is easily accessible to key destinations such as the Cebu Business Park, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, and neighboring cities and municipalities. Location is a major factor considered by major locators as well as potential workforce.

IT-BPM expansion

In its roadmap to 2022, the IT & Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) eyes to employ 1.8 million Filipinos and earn as much $38 billion by the end of the period.

According to the association, the Philippine IT-BPM sector is set to grow from 12.6% global market share in 2016 to 15.5% by 2022. This can be achieved as long as the country provides BPO-friendly conditions such as upgrading of the talent ecosystem, enhancing competitive incentives and regulations, developing infrastructure in next wave cities, and sustaining high business confidence, among others.

To further achieve these targets, IBPAP also sees the expansion of the industry outside Metro Manila as a big boost. Cebu City is among the top choice of large BPO companies after the National Capital Region.

Cebu advantage

Tholons identified Cebu to be among the top 10 preferred destinations of BPO companies in the world.

According to the Cebu Investment Promotions Center, the city is highly competitive due to several solid factors. It has well-developed international air and sea ports and is on its way to develop more infrastructure.

Cebu has a quality labor force produced by over 400 secondary schools, over 30 colleges, and 11 universities, churning an average of 23,000 college graduates annually.

Another advantage is Cebu’s overall cost of living which is 30% less than that in Metro Manila. FDI Magazine also cited Cebu as one of Asia’s Cities of the Future.

Greening the landscape

ArthaLand aims to change Cebu City’s property landscape by introducing the first and only Grade-A office development in Visayas and Mindanao to be on target to achieve dual green building certification.

Cebu Exchange aims to achieve certifications from the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and the Philippine Green Building Council’s Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) programs.

Industry experts and analysts believe that multinational players prefer to locate in certified green buildings due to cost savings from resource efficiency. According to the World Green Building Council, ecologically friendly buildings also promote greater earnings due to employee productivity, high morale, and creativity.

Apart from BPOs, Cebu Exchange is also designed to accommodate traditional offices for home-grown enterprises and allied services. 4 floors in the building will be dedicated to retail spaces to serve the needs of its tenants and the community.

ArthaLand is a boutique developer of sustainable, world class projects. It rests on solid backing by CPG Holdings, Inc. (CPGHI), its biggest shareholder. CPHGI is led by the Po family of the Century Pacific Food Inc., the country’s largest canned food company which owns market leader brands such as Century Tuna, 555, and Argentina, among others. ArthaLand’s other major shareholder is international investment firm, AO Capital Group.

ArthaLand’s other projects include top-end LEED Gold certified residential condominium, Arya Residences, as well as LEED Gold pre-certified premium office building, ArthaLand Century Pacific Tower. These projects are both located in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. | November 07, 2016
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Philippines Leads Asia with 7.1% Economic Growth in Q3

The Philippines is the standout performer in Asia once again, as the economy continued to grow strongly in the third quarter.

The gross domestic product (GDP) — the broadest measure of the economy — grew by 7.1 percent in the third quarter, far outpacing the 6.2 percent notched the year before, data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) showed.

In the first nine months of 2016, GDP growth averaged 7 percent, right at the high end of the government’s 6-7 percent target.

The country is the fastest-growing economy in Asia so far, beating the likes of Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and even China in the third quarter, the PSA said in a statement on Thursday.

Manufacturing, construction, trade and real estate drove economic growth, but the biggest story for the third quarter was the much-awaited recovery of agriculture.

The sector snapped five straight quarters of decline and finally shook off the effects of El Nino earlier this year.

The agriculture sector grew by 2.3 percent in the July-September period, overturning the 0.1 percent decline it saw the year prior. The PSA said palay and corn harvests have improved significantly since the drought.

Industry, meanwhile, expanded by 8.6 percent on the back of robust public and private construction.

Lastly, services — the largest contributor to the Philippine economy — rose by 6.9 percent in the third quarter. All the services subsectors, including transport, finance, education and recreation, showed positive growth.

With the domestic economy healthy, all eyes are now on external factors that could stall the country’s momentum for the rest of the year.

The election of Donald Trump as the next United States president was tagged as one of the most crucial issues, both by government officials and private sector analysts.

The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) is already mapping out the different scenarios of a Trump presidency and how this could affect the Philippines, Deputy Director-General Rosemarie Edillon said in a press briefing.

Trump has been a vocal supporter of protectionist policies throughout his campaign. He has promised to create more jobs for Americans by clamping down on outsourcing and tightening immigration rules.

According to a report by HSBC economist Joseph Incalcaterra, the country’s business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is the most exposed to risk, since they earn about 70 percent of their revenues from the U.S.

The consequences could go beyond the industry, he added, as BPOs employ about 1.2 million Filipinos.

On the upside, Incalcaterra said Filipino BPO workers posed “little direct competition with American workers.”

President Rodrigo Duterte has also “struck a more conciliatory tone” and hinted at better U.S.-Philippine ties in the future, he added.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) could also be affected, especially if Trump follows through with threats to kick out illegal immigrants, Edillon said.

“Of course, this will have an effect on remittances,” she admitted. The U.S. is the country’s biggest source of remittances. Filipinos there sent home more than $6.5 billion as of the third quarter.

NEDA estimates, though, that less than 10 percent of Filipinos in the U.S. are on irregular work contracts.

Edillon said the Philippines could readily absorb these displaced workers, if ever. “These are really, very highly employable individuals, and the different sectors of the economy are still expanding.”

By Claire Jiao, CNN Philippines | November 18, 2016
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Tiny Houses: A Beginners Guide To Tiny House Living

$14.99 |

Do You Want To Discover The Easy Way To Design Your Tiny Home For Simpler Living?

Whether you want to know how to build, design or decide if a tiny home is right for you this book will help you.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn The Benefits of Tiny Homes Ways To Finance Your Tiny Home Finding The Perfect Location Easy Space Hacks To Make Tiny Home Living Easier Kitchen Ideas Living Room, Bathroom, Bedrooms Design Tips And Tricks To Understand Tiny Home Living Much, Much, More! Want To Learn More?

Hurry! For a limited time you can download “Tiny House – A Beginners Guide To Tiny House Living” for a special discounted price.

Get your copy right now!

Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.
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Window Treatments Idea Book: Design Ideas * Fabric & Color * Embellishing Ready (Taunton Home Idea Books)

$16.40 |

One of the first things you do when you remodel or move into a new home is change the curtains. After all, new window treatments easily, quickly, and inexpensively transform a room. They turn an outdated room into one you want to spend time in, and they make a cold space feel warm and inviting. In the style of the best-selling Idea Books, Window Treatments Idea Book offers the latest ideas for decorating all types of windows, from standard to custom. More than 350 photos provide inspiration for all rooms in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, bedroom to family room and study. Recognizing that consumers also want to make easy enhancements to readily available window treatments and hardware, the inspiration is peppered with practical advice on how to quickly modify off-the-shelf window treatments and design tricks for hanging them. The breadth of information makes this book the one source homeowners need when picking out window treatments.
The authors’ combined years of experience have allowed them to select photos of the most popular window treatment styles as well as to provide ideas for dealing with challenging windows–bays, bows, and the like. Unique features of the book include showing one window treatment style in three different looks and quick and easy ideas for instant style.
Whether you’re looking to update an existing space or are starting from scratch in a new home or newly designed addition, you’ll find all the inspiration and know-how you need to create the windows of your dreams.
Window Treatments Idea Book should be a goldmine for consumers because it shows so many styles of window treatments, particularly for large, odd-shaped, and custom windows soprevalent today, in photos. What the reader gets is a wide range of window treatments in the context of every room in the house. There is also a one-page reference in the front of the book that lists each room in the house with the page number of treatments that are shown in those room contexts.
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Strong Philippine Growth Marks Fiery Duterte's Start

The Philippines became developing Asia’s fastest-growing major economy in President Rodrigo Duterte’s first three months in office, officials said Thursday, even as his fiery rhetoric hit the peso and stock prices.

The economy expanded 7.1 percent on-year in July-September, beating the consensus forecast of 6.8 percent, Economic Planning Undersecretary Rosemarie Edillon said.

That was faster than China’s 6.7 percent and beat other major emerging economies for the same period, Edillon said in a statement. India is due to report at the end of the month.

The news surprised experts after Duterte sparked concerns among foreign investors over his controversial war on drug crime and a decision to pick fights with the United States and the United Nations on the issue.

“All things considered, our economy’s strong growth in the third quarter is a very good sign of things to come,” Edillon added.

The country needed 6.9 percent growth in final three months of the year to hit the top end of its 6-7 percent target, she said.

Edillon said strong investment growth, particularly in construction and infrastructure, along with upbeat consumer spending drove the expansion, encouraged by low inflation and low interest rates.

Exports jumped 7.8 percent.

While the growth of salary remittances by the country’s huge overseas work force slowed, this was balanced out by a 2.9 percent growth on-year in agriculture, reversing five straight quarters of decline caused by typhoons and drought.

“It was a surprise for the financial markets,” First Grade Holdings securities analyst Astro del Castillo told AFP, referring to the growth figure.

“It affirms our view that fundamentals remain intact despite the political noise.”

The country’s stock market, which is at a seven-month low, rose one percent Thursday but the peso remains stuck near eight-year lows, with analysts blaming political developments as well as expectations the United States will raise interest rates.

The greenback was up 0.2 percent at 49.40 pesos in late morning trade, with analysts warning it could surge to 50 pesos by the end of the year.

In concerns echoed by other foreign business groups, international credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s warned in September that Duterte’s crime war threatened the Philippine economy and endangered its democratic institutions.

He won elections in a landslide in May after vowing an unprecedented crackdown on illegal drugs in which 100,000 people would die.

More than 4,000 people have been killed since he took office on June 30. About 1,800 were shot dead by police and about 2,600 others were murdered by unidentified attackers, according to official statistics.

AFP – Thu, Nov 17, 2016
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Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit

$17.37 |

FREE $1,595 Quick-Start Real Estate Success Program! See page 217 for details.

Buy Real Estate Without Cash or Credit!

Imagine having two multi-millionaires take you by the hand and personally mentor you to get started making big money investing in real estate. That’s exactly the step-by-step coaching you’ll get in Buying Real Estate Without Cash or Credit, as Peter Conti and David Finkel, two of the nation’s leading real estate experts, walk you through the fastest and easiest ways for you to launch your investing business.

You’ll learn the same secrets, strategies, and organized action plans that their past mentorship students have used over the last decade to make millions. Best of all, you’ll learn exactly how to do it without cash or credit!

This book will show you the fastest way to succeed investing in real estate–step-by-step, action-by-action, strategy-by-strategy.

You’ll learn:
* The 5 fastest ways to close your first deal in 30 days or less!
* 21 scripts to negotiate profitable win-win deals
* The 6 best sources to fund your “nothing down” deals
* 7 ways to maximize your cash when investing

“This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to live the American dream but thinks they can’t invest in real estate for lack of cash or credit. Conti and Finkel make it simple to understand and easy to achieve.”
–Attorney William Bronchick, coauthor of the bestselling book Flipping Properties

“David and Peter have done it again! They’ve taken their proven millionaire-making real estate program and broken it down into easy-to-use steps that anyone can use. This book will tell you how you don’t need cash or credit to succeed in real estate investing.”
–Diane Kennedy, CPA/Tax Strategist, coauthor of The Insider’s Guide to Real Estate Investing Loopholes
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Spectacular Nail Art: A Step-by-Step Guide to 35 Gorgeous Designs

$9.18 |

No woman is fully dressed without the perfect manicure: it’s the final touch, the must-have accessory to any outfit. And today, spectacular nails mean more than a coat of pink polish. It’s fashion art, with a world of fabulous colors, unique patterns, and gorgeous embellishments to choose from. These 35 designs are eye-catching and ultra-stylish, whether you’re looking to liven up an everyday look or get glam for a special occasion. Novices needn’t worry, either, because every project—from sparkling Champagne Chic to the wintry, Christmasy Snappy Snowflakes—includes easy-to-follow instructions and handy step-by-step photos, and most are really simple to create.

Have a spooky Halloween with black-and-white cobwebbed nails; hail the red-white-and blue and stars-and-stripes forever with Positively Patriotic; and celebrate the coming of spring with vintage fancy flowers. Go wild with animal prints, like leaping leopard spots or zebra zigzags on your “claws.” And even if you can’t make it to Hawaii, your nails can, with designs featuring the island’s famed hibiscus. Whether you’re choosing elegant, wedding-ready pearly bubbles or playful retro dots and fun characters, every pattern here makes an unforgettable statement.

Tips on nail care, products, and basic manicures (including a French one) help you keep your hands in tip-top shape. One thing’s for sure: with this art on your nails, you’ll never want to wear gloves again!
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The Forest Garden Greenhouse: How to Design and Manage an Indoor Permaculture Oasis

$26.88 |

With a revolutionary new “Climate Battery” design for near-net-zero heating and cooling

By the turn of the nineteenth century, thousands of acres of glass houses surrounded large American cities, becoming a commonplace symbol of the market garden and nursery trades. But the possibilities of the indoor garden to transform our homes and our lives remain largely unrealized. 

In this groundbreaking book, Jerome Osentowski, one of North America’s most accomplished permaculture designers, presents a wholly new approach to a very old horticultural subject. In The Forest Garden Greenhouse, he shows how bringing the forest garden indoors is not only possible, but doable on unlikely terrain and in cold climates, using near-net-zero technology. Different from other books on greenhouse design and management, this book advocates for an indoor agriculture using permaculture design concepts―integration, multi-functions, perennials, and polycultures―that take season extension into new and important territory.

Osentowski, director and founder of Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (CRMPI), farms at 7,200 feet on a steep, rocky hillside in Colorado, incorporating deep, holistic permaculture design with practical common sense. It is at this site, high on a mountaintop, where Osentowski (along with architect and design partner Michael Thompson) has been designing and building revolutionary greenhouses that utilize passive and active solar technology via what they call the “climate battery”―a subterranean air-circulation system that takes the hot, moist, ambient air from the greenhouse during the day, stores it in the soil, and discharges it at night―that can offer tropical and Mediterranean climates at similarly high altitudes and in cold climates (and everywhere else). Osentowski’s greenhouse designs, which can range from the backyard homesteader to commercial greenhouses, are completely ecological and use a simple design that traps hot and cold air and regulates it for best possible use. The book is part case study of the amazing greenhouses at CRMPI and part how-to primer for anyone interested in a more integrated model for growing food and medicine in a greenhouse. With detailed design drawings, photos, and profiles of successful greenhouse projects on all scales, this inspirational manual will considerably change the conversation about greenhouse design.
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$24.99 |

At last—a no B.S. guide for physicians.
Look behind the curtains of mortgage banking, discover the
real landmines and learn how to make a flawless home purchase.

In the post-meltdown world of mortgage banking, physicians face more challenges and have a higher rate of underwriter decline than any other professional client we advise. It’s shocking but true. Spend a few minutes in physician chat rooms where the topic is “mortgage” and you are likely to read nightmare after nightmare horror story. It’s emotionally devastating to see what a botched home loan and closing can do to a family.
Within these pages, seasoned physician mortgage professional and fourth-generation Utah real estate investor, Josh Mettle, exposes the land mines and provides unique solutions to seamlessly overcome the pitfalls nearly all physicians face.
You will learn:
• How to avoid the landmines that most commonly lead to surprising last minute declines.
• How student loans (including IBR and deferment) affect how you qualify for financing.
• How to find a true mortgage and real estate specialist in your hometown.
• What specifically to look for in a real estate and mortgage advisor.
• A step-by-step guide, which virtually guarantees you a flawless home purchase.
The challenges you’re likely to face are commonplace within your field, but can be embarrassing, expensive, and painful to learn firsthand. There is no bigger disappointment than finding out your loan was declined by an underwriter at the last minute forcing you to scramble to find temporary housing. Avoid that agony by educating yourself with a few simple precautions contained within these pages.
Physician home loans are a “niche” loan practice, which is why you won’t find the information contained in this book anywhere else. When it comes to securing a physician home loan you don’t need a general practitioner, you need a super specialist.
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Veteran Housing Assistance: Loans, Grants, and Homelessness Programs (Housing Issues, Laws and Programs)

$110.00 |

Book byUsed Book in Good Condition
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Developer Carves Niche in Progressive Cebu

The City of Cebu—dubbed as the Queen City of the South—offers, after all, such a compelling lifestyle proposition that lays down for you the best of both worlds: one that can be highly progressive and contemporary on one hand, but can also be relaxing and laid back on the other.

Such is the unique, alluring charm of Cebu that many find hard to resist—from those wanting to put down their roots, to the local and foreign tourists and prospective investors, all wanting to be part of the city’s success story. And it is a story shaped by its rich history and cultural heritage, landmark structures, pristine beaches, gastronomic delights and a highly progressive economy.

Cebu indeed offers a myriad of things to do, visit, taste and experience either within the city itself, or in the neighboring islands that could provide unparalleled adventures to anyone. At the same time, it offers opportunities for further growth that could fit well with any company’s expansion plan, given the availability of infrastructure, connectivity, and skilled talent pool.

It’s probably hard to decide which best makes Cebu a truly unique destination. But here are but a few things that add spice to the already interesting mix of flavors that this island has to offer.


Cebuanos sure know how to party and celebrate and this cannot be more evident than in the way the province commemorates the feast of the Child Jesus.

The Sinulog-Santo Nino Festival, celebrated every third Sunday of January is an annual cultural and religious dance ritual done in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Nino.

Based on its official website, Sinulog participants dance to the beat of the drums, which supposedly resembled the current of what was then known as Cebu’s Pahina River.

Other famous festivals in Cebu that are also worth attending such include the the Bodbod Festival, Kadaugan sa Mactan, and Semana Santa sa Bantayan.

Gastronomic paradise

There’s no second-guessing that Cebu is one of the ultimate food destinations in the country today.

From its delicacies such as dried mangoes, to the famous danggit, and the assortment of seafood offering from the province, one could not help but be lured to this gastronomic feast.

Even the famed lechon Cebu took the spotlight in the show of international celebrity host Anthony Bourdain.

Cebu is likewise famous for its Sutukil, a three way style of preparing seafood. It is a combination of the Cebuano words sugba, tuwa and kilaw which means to grill, stew and eating it raw.

Best of the islands

From the unexplored caves, pristine beaches, cliffs, and some of the best dive spots, as well as centuries-old churches and historical sites—Cebu probably has it all.

Tourists can start with a day trip and simply enjoy the sights within the city, or immerse themselves in areas rich cultural and historical heritage including a visit to the famed Magellan’s Cross and the Basilica del Santo Nino.

For the more adventurous lot, there are nearby islands, caves and cliffs that one could readily explore and uncover. Experience the ultimate island adventure as you go canyoneering in Kawasan Falls or exploring nearby pristine islands such as Malapascua, Sumilon, Oslob and Bantayan.

World-class talents

Cebu is home to some of the country’s best and most artistic talents and world class designers, who have carved a niche in their respective fields locally and globally.

Bringing the Philippines to international consciousness include homegrown talents such as international furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue and renowned designer Monique Lhuillier.

The province also served as home to some of the best authors, musicians, editors and politicians like Martin Abellana, Vicente Sotto, Amapola and Marcelo Fernan among others.

Business hub

Next to Metro Manila, Cebu is often the top-of-mind choice of many investors wanting to establish a presence in the Visayas, as it has a competent and talented labor force pool and the necessary infrastructure needed to enable a business to thrive and grow.

Cebu has since served as a hub to many businesses both big and small, including business process outsourcing companies and those engaged in technology and service-related activities. The province has also shown itself to be competent in hosting international events such as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings held last year, among other summits.

Thus it comes as no surprise that even national developers are lured by the Queen’s charm such that a number of them has flocked to the province in the hopes of tapping the lucrative opportunities it offers. And one particular developer who, from the start, has been smitten by what Cebu has to offer is trusted property developer Sta. Lucia Land Inc.

Sta, Lucia was actually the first national developer in Cebu, having entered the market in September 1990 to sell Royale Cebu Estates, followed by Monte Verde, Golden Meadows, Alta Vista (the second golf course in the province) and Sentinel (the company’s first condominium project in the area).

Today, Sta. Lucia has developed more than 20 subdivisions covering over 500 hectares of land in Cebu. And three more projects are on the pipeline namely Valle Verde Subdivision in Lapu-Lapu; third building in Residencia de Vistamar in Mactanl; and another development in Lahug.

“The people of Cebu is an interesting market to serve because they actually know what they want and they are not one to sacrifice comfort over price,” said Sta. Lucia president Exequiel Robles.

“With Cebu as one of the most developed provinces in the country and Cebu City serving as a perfect alternative to Metro Manila as a center of commerce, trade and industry, it is only practical for Sta. Lucia to be there and serve the needs of its people in terms of having access to high quality, world class developments,” Robles added.

Robles related that when they first entered Cebu, they started with the creation of residential lots and condominium developments, with the aid of their prominent local joint venture partner MSY Holdings.

“Another remarkable success came when Sta. Lucia managed to build and deliver its first vertical residential project and our first golf course development in the province,” he further noted.

While it already has a number of successful projects in Cebu, there seems to be no stopping Sta. Lucia in developing more quality projects in the area. The company isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and on the contrary, has even lined up a number of new projects—some of which are already being constructed such as the Arterra Residences at Discovery Bay.

“What makes this particular development unique and special is the fact that it was conscientiously designed to mirror the earth’s four basic elements, to allow residents to experience, live, and be one with nature. What’s more, it is located at the tip of Punta Engano, Mactan Island’s famed diving destination,” Robles explained.

Arterra offers residents a chance to enjoy life in perfect balance as it provides not only a private and secluded life with the blue sea as your backdrop but also makes for a wise investment as acquiring a unit gives one that choice to either reside on it or have it rented out.

“Arterra is perched at the very edge of the famed diving destination of Mactan Island and is located on the tip of Punta Engano, that same strip where most popular high end resorts and hotels are located. It is just a mere 20 minute drive from Cebu’s international airport this making it a truly perfect investment,” Robles shared.

“At Arterra, you’re not just buying a property. You’re also providing yourself quick access to your own piece of paradise. There really is no stopping Sta. Lucia from doing what it does best which is to deliver projects that set trends and break norms. The company is highly aware of Cebu’s potential and thus we will continue to diversify and expand our business in Cebu. The Cebuanos can take comfort at the thought that we will continue develop projects that seamlessly combine privacy, urban charm and exceptional quality,” Robles concluded.
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Amelia Handegan: Rooms

$34.72 |

An appealing approach to creating fresh interiors rooted in warmth and comfort. Leading Southern interior designer Amelia Handegan is known for her sophisticated eclectic interiors and for her restoration of nationally recognized historic houses. Like the legendary Albert Hadley, Handegan fearlessly embraces a mix of Old World elements, such as antiques, wall murals, luxurious fabrics and passementerie, and stenciled floors, with modern furnishings and well-chosen cultural objects, such as vibrant hand-woven textiles and carved deities. Several artfully designed homes are profiled, including a colorful beach cottage on Folly Island, South Carolina, a rustic cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, an apartment in a 1920s neoclassical revivalist style in Charleston, South Carolina, and Rose Hill, a refurbished eighteenth-century Virginian plantation house. These rooms illustrate her painterly sensibility, quiet drama, and artisanal touches. Beautifully photographed, this book is a must-have for interior design and historic architecture enthusiasts.
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Cebu Traffic Congestion Driving Demand for Condominiums

THE Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) yesterday said the traffic problem in Cebu is one of the reasons development of condominiums has increased.

HLURB 7 Director Francis Ordeniza said the approved applications for certificate of registration/license to sell (CR/LS) for condominiums rose 128 percent in 2015.

Ordeniza said that the increase in approved CR/LS applications for subdivisions was 24 percent in 2013, 50 percent in 2014, 65 percent in 2015, and 51 percent as of September 2016.

The development of subdivisions with traditional single house-and-lots have been adopted by Cebuanos in the past decades.

But Ordeniza noticed that CR/LS for condominiums also increased from 17 percent in 2013, 22 percent in 2014, 25 percent in 2015, and 20 percent as of September 2016.

The cost of the condominium projects are P5.65.7 billion in 2013, P13.8 billion in 2014, P8.3 billion in 2015, and P12.1 billion as of September 2016.

Ordeniza is confident that the approved CR/LS for condominiums at the end of the year will surpass the 25-percent record in 2015.

“Heavy traffic is a big factor in the increased condominium development. Imagine if you are residing in Consolacion town and it will take you two hours to get home after your work. You may think of buying a condominium near your place of work,” Ordeniza said.

For subdivision projects, the approved CR/LS applications for house and lot 7,761 as of September 2016 while approved CR/LS applications for lots reached 605.

While the number of subdivision house-and-lots and lots are higher than the number of condominium units, subdivisions are spread all over Region 7 while condominiums are concentrated in Metro Cebu.

Ordeniza also noticed the aggressive development of memorial or cemetery projects three years in a row, starting with 6,284 plots at the P299.4 million in 2014; 2,047 plots at the cost of P14.3 million in 2015; and 18,240 plots at the cost of P303.6 million as of September.

As of September, a total of P19.3 billion in real estate projects are pending in Central Visayas.

By ELIAS O. BAQUERO | Sun Star Cebu | November 09, 2016
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32 Sanson: One’s Own Space

32 Sanson by Rockwell partnered with HoliCOW (Holistic Coalition) to bring to its patrons a unique moving-in fair experience entitled Himô: A Space + Making Fair. The exhibit will be held this weekend, Nov. 19 and 20 at 32 Sanson’s grounds. It will feature a curated set of Cebu’s best furniture and home accessories designers.

“With 32 Sanson being our first project outside Metro Manila, we wanted to do a move-in fair for our unit owners because we are turning over our first two buildings this December. So before we ever turn over any unit to our unit owners, we usually hold our move-in fair where we invite furniture companies and a few service providers so that the unit owners could get an easier time creating their space. For Himô, we wanted it to be different here in 32 Sanson because Cebu is the furniture hub of the country. We wanted to be different from the other move-in fairs we’ve done for different projects in Manila.

“For Cebu, we wanted it to be curated. We wanted it to have character so that’s why we came up with the idea of partnering with HoliCOW. We’ve been collaborating for two months. And it’s a short time to collaborate on an event, but it’s really nice because 32 Sanson and HoliCOW both have this goal of bringing in locals and promoting local products. So we collaborated, and we came up with the word Himô, which is to make,” said Carmina Espeleta, brand marketing supervisor of Rockwell Land Corp.

The idea of space as the birthplace of any forms of creativity pushed the collaboration to the direction of creating the space into something that would probably suit a unit owner’s taste, making it his own, quite different from that of his neighbor’s.

“Himô, when you take out the H, also means imo—‘yours.’ And it adds character to something that you make whether it’s a product or as it is, a space. So what we’re doing is we’re going to curate spaces that you can in a way copy and paste to the new units. So if you’re a new homeowner, you own the unit. But when you get there, how do you make it yours? Because your unit, while unfurnished, is exactly like your neighbors’. What makes it yours is how you put your personality through it and how you express yourself through the space. And this is where we come in,” said Kae Batiquin, communications officer of HoliCOW.

The project also takes pride in the fact that it will be featuring pieces of furniture created by prestigious Cebuano designers, taking into consideration mainly Cebuano talent, pride, taste and culture.

“All of the pieces that you’ll see are 100 percent Cebuano, manufactured in Cebu or in the Visayas because we also have Negros partners and some constituents in Bohol and Tacloban and other grassroots communities. Everything is handmade. That means everything has its own DNA. There’s always something imbued to it, so when we curate spaces, we are suggesting to you that this is how you can express yourself through materials, furniture and design that are made and conceptualized here in Cebu, which is very you; which not only expresses the Cebuano lifestyle but also an aesthetic that we feel is very Filipino,” said Batiquin.

Designers of furniture that will be displayed during the fair are those who are known all over the world but trace their roots back to Cebu.

“Designers who manufacture and who export and who are being carried in ateliers all over the world, not just ateliers but hotels. You will be familiar with a lot of the names like Vito Selma, the Rodriguez Sisters, Co-Creative Studios, Obra Cebuana, Debbie Palao, Mehitabel, Hacienda Crafts and many more. These are all very big names abroad but these are all made in Cebu. You can literally bump into these people when you’re doing your groceries so it’s very ato. But it’s also very world class, and that’s saying something about Filipino pride and that’s who we’re showcasing. What we’re saying with Himô is that you make your own space and we help you express,” said Batiquin.

Hacienda Santa Rosalia Rondalla, a musical band composed of sons and daughters of farmers in Negros, will also be performing during the fair with classical musical instruments together with Sistemang Pilipino. La Marea will be providing artisan beverages, and Mehitabel Furniture Design and Manufacturing will be displaying new pieces specifically made for Himô.
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Upsurge in Investments Expected in Coming Months

THE Philippine Board of Investments (BOI) is expecting an upsurge in investments registration in the coming months with the anticipated approval of about 44 more projects in the pipeline worth P52.03 billion.

Trade Secretary and BOI Chairman Ramon Lopez said this development augurs well with the administration’s socio-economic agenda of uplifting the lives of the Filipino people. “More investments mean more jobs, ensuring economic development from the bottom of the pyramid,” he said.

“The continued growth of the investments is a testament of the country’s sound economic fundamentals and sustained investor confidence,” said Trade Undersecretary and BOI Managing Head Ceferino Rodolfo, adding that investments coming in are insectors that will elevate the country’s com­petitiveness, such as in various resource-based sectors.

“What we are seeing in the real sector that relies on fundamentals of the economy, the fundamental strengths of the economy, is that growth is being sustained or even accelerated,” said Undersecretary Rodolfo.

Already evaluated by the BOI’s Industry Development Services, these projects for registration will be coming from the energy sector (P29.57 billion or 57 percent of total investments); manufacturing sector (P7.77 billion or 15 percent share); agriculture sector (P6.58 billion or 12 percent share); real estate activities sector (P6.37 billion or 12 percent share); logistics or water transport (P1.07 billion or two percent share); and other sectors (P665.30 million or one percent share).

Last month, the BOI reported that investments registered with the agency reached P51.03 billion in September 2016, up by 193 percent from only P17.41 billion generated in the same month in 2015. (PR)

Sun Star Cebu | November 16, 2016
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House Selling For Dummies, 3rd edition

$16.29 |

New how-to details on staging and curb appeal

The fun and easy way? to minimize selling hassles and get top dollar for your house

Want to stand out to homebuyers in today’s crowded market? America’s #1 bestselling real estate authors have revised their classic guide to save you time and money as you prepare to sell your property. They’ll show you when to put your house on the market, the pros and cons of FSBO, and the best ways to utilize the Internet, from online listings to digital photos.

Discover how to:

Prepare your property to attract buyers

Determine your asking price

Hire the right real estate agent

Market and show your house

Negotiate for the best offer
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Home Staging for Profit: How to Start and Grow a Six Figure Home Staging Business in 7 Days or Less OR Secrets of Home Stagers Revealed So Anyone Can Start a Home Based Business and Succeed

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If you’ve already taken an expensive seminar on starting a staging business, don’t read this. It will break your heart. Barbara Jennings, bestselling author of 18 books and national trainer since 2002, offers a comprehensively detailed guide on how to earn excellent income in a home-based staging business, now a textbook at two Florida universities.

Director of the Academy of Staging and Redesign (Decorate-Redecorate.Com), she takes readers through the maze of starting and growing a lucrative business, covering virtually everything needed to succeed, avoid pitfalls and grow quickly.

This large format, exhaustive manual teaches essential tactics and strategies so anyone can succeed who puts forth the effort. Holding nothing back, it is loaded with numerous check lists, a wide variety of forms, specific how-to details and much more, and has helped launch over 35,000 staging careers globally.

IN THIS EDITION: Access to a 50-page downloadable PDF with full color before and after pictures of 36 staged rooms (plus notations) AND 40 colorful staging tricks used by professionals to sizzle homes (note: images in book are black and white). Additional resources are mentioned as well. Written in a personable, conversational style, these insights are a must-read for those serious about a staging business (or just exploring). No degree or prior experience needed. Certification courses in home staging and interior re-design are also available from her website.

The manual includes practical discussions and tips, such as:

·         the top mistakes and common problems sellers make

·         what stagers must do and understand

·         how to identify a home’s assets and faults

·         how to interview and bond with realtors

·         how to interview and bond with sellers
* the five ingredients for a successful staging service

·         professional image, attitudes and ethics needed

·         how to do consultations, submit bids, make presentations

·         how to set up the business, licenses to get and so forth

·         how to legally protect the entity, as well as one’s family

·         how to get clients and referrals from multiple sources

·         how to profit from consultations and offer full staging services

·         how to promote, maintain and sustain the business indefinitely

·         how to price services with confidence and ease

·         how to protect, organize and prioritize

·         107 questions to ask agents and homeowners to help quote services

·         detailed pricing guidelines for furnished and empty houses

·         extensive list of staging tools needed for actual projects

·         extensive cleaning and painting guidelines

·         a 29-page detailed checklist to make consultations quick and easy

·         list of over 300 possible business names

·         detailed information on custom visual aids, promotional and management tools, plus dual certification courses

·         15 handy reproducible forms ready to go

·         multiple checklists and handout examples for value added services

Used Book in Good Condition
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Paris Flea Market Style

$18.46 |

Shop and dream Paris style.

If you love French interior design and bargain hunting, Paris is the place where your shopping daydreams come true. Claudia Strasser takes us on a winding tour through the Parisian flea markets finding decorative pieces all along the way.

Strasser discusses ways to bring the look to your home by building collections and looking for furniture and accessories to reflect your individual style whether it’s Napoleon III, Louis XV, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Moderne or Belle Epoque. Whatever it is, you’re sure to find rare pieces that will be treasured in your home. Shop and dream your way around the Paris flea markets with this deliciously colorful stroll through the city’s best markets and take home special pieces that are destined to become heirlooms.

A stylized map gives readers the lay of the land and Claudia shares her tips on where to find what, trade secrets, her favorite dealers and advice on shipping items home. So, now take a seat and take a trip to Paris!

Used Book in Good Condition
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