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CE Project Fitness
Research to improve my physical fitness for the APFT test.
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Burn Calories with Interval Training

Burn Calories with Interval Training | CE Project Fitness | Scoop.it

Let us get clear here. The intense component of this interval exercising program consists of anaerobic workouts or those which might be related with cardiovascular workouts. Examples of anaerobic exercises are rowing, operating and cycling. Take walking exercise. One particular who's incorporating the interval program within a walking exercise may well alternate jogging and brisk walking. Right here, the less strenuous activity is brisk walking. A further solution is alternating leisurely walking and rapid walking.

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Bang Out 100 Push-Ups - Men's Fitness

Bang Out 100 Push-Ups - Men's Fitness | CE Project Fitness | Scoop.it

 Even if you have no aspirations to join the Marines, you have to admit that knocking out a set of 100 push-ups at a clip would be pretty heroic—not to mention it would give you awesome upper-body strength and endurance. We asked three top coaches for a plan to get you there.

“Train three days a week. On Day 1, do 3–4 sets of weighted pushups for 12–15 reps. Day 2, bench-press for 3–4 sets of 8–10 reps. Day 3, do regular push-ups for 2–3 sets of 20–25 or more reps. Each week, increase the load on the first two days and increase the reps on the third. You’ll get there in a few weeks to a few months.”
Kevin Neeld, Director at Endeavor Sports Performance in Sewell, NJ

“One day, do the close-grip bench press and wide-grip seated row—4 sets of 8–12 for each, increasing the weight each set. Days later, do the same with the barbell overhead press and chin-up. On two other days, do 10 sets of 10 push-ups. Reduce your rest periods by fi ve seconds each week. So, Week 1, 30 seconds; Week 2, 25 seconds, and so on. In Week 5, go for one set of max push-ups.”
Jim Smith, Strength Coach in Elmira, NY

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Marty Roddy's curator insight, January 8, 2014 4:43 PM

good plam, good square numbers..


Perfect for runners- since a pushup is a Plank...

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Your Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Fitness Related Questions

Your Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Fitness Related Questions | CE Project Fitness | Scoop.it
Fitness forums and blogs each and everyday are bombarded with a multitude of fitness related questions, ranging from gaining muscle to spot reduction weight loss. Despite answers differing upon ind...

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Benefits of Exercise to Help With Depression

Benefits of Exercise to Help With Depression | CE Project Fitness | Scoop.it
While therapy and medications can be vital to depression treatment, one often-overlooked treatment is exercise. It not only improves health, but may help your emotional health.
Dean Lynch's curator insight, April 6, 2013 5:52 PM

When you get moving your brain gets more oxygen and you can think clearly.

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Six Pack Abs Workout That You Can Do

Six Pack Abs Workout That You Can Do | CE Project Fitness | Scoop.it

Work out hard when you're in the gym, but you don't need to go every day. These are merely guidelines on how you should start planning for your diet. While including above mentioned food items in your diet, you are expected to exclude alcohol, sodas, tobacco, caffeine, highly processed and junk food, etc.; then only you will notice an enhancement in energy levels, reduced belly fats and of course, improved overall health. The workout can give you the desired washboard abs, only if you make certain changes in your diet as well. Same is the case with fats on our abdominal region.

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The Ultimate Hardgainer Workout

The Ultimate Hardgainer Workout | CE Project Fitness | Scoop.it

The HealthHabits HardGainer Program  THE RULES


1. Focus on individual muscles or small groups & not movements – think pecs instead of bench press

2. Keep the number of muscles worked per workout to a minimum – no full-body workouts

3. Maximize the volume of work applied to those muscles

4. Limit rest periods during the workout

5. Make good use of post-workout recovery techniques to help aid recovery and avoid crippling DOMS

6. In between these workouts, don’t do anything more challenging than a brisk walk.

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9 Great Heart-Friendly Exercises - Heart Health Center - Everyday Health

9 Great Heart-Friendly Exercises - Heart Health Center - Everyday Health | CE Project Fitness | Scoop.it
An aerobic exercise routine is beneficial for heart health. Learn about 10 heart-friendly aerobic exercises and find out how frequently to exercise.

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George Betemps's curator insight, March 31, 2013 12:41 AM

So true, the food industry for the most part, are very dishonest.  It is getting harder and harder to find foods that are not genetically modified or right full of sugar.  Not only should you read the labels, you should understand them.  I Google a lot of the ingredients if not familiar with them.

Drayven Thomas's comment, April 11, 2013 12:29 AM
This article gives some advice on various helpful aerobic exercises. The exercises it suggests are all easy to do things that can accomplish a lot. By doing these activities I can include them in my exercise plan to help me with aerobic subjects.
Terry Gough's curator insight, May 30, 2013 11:24 PM

Simple: If you want to live longer, get aerobic.