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If you’ve just completed an internship – or short-term opportunity, you may find yourself wondering: “What’s next?” or “How am I going to land a full-time job in an unprecedentedly tough market?”


You are not alone. One of the biggest challenges post-college is graduating from an internship to full-time employment.


Over the past ten years, I’ve helped over 2,000 students and recent grads land their first full-time jobs. Here are five winning strategies that I’ve seen in practice. Use these tips to leverage an internship or convert another short-term work opportunity into a full-time offer.


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Nowadays doing internship is being kind of mandatory for people to get full time job.

A lot of people are applying internship program of many companies and they work hard to convert into full time job. Here are some tips for converting an internship into a full time job. Check it! ^ ^

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