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Career Trends
Career is a matter of common interest for a lot of young men. I hope it will be very good helpful for them.
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Rescooped by Jody Woohyung Jeon from Job Seekers Advice with Street Smarts!

Graduating Job Seekers Using LinkedIn to Find Their Dream Job

Graduating Job Seekers Using LinkedIn to Find Their Dream Job | Career Trends |

Have you ever heard the saying, "You will need to learn to sell yourself."


Most of us cringe when we hear the "S" word sales, however, LinkedIn has made it easy to go find your dream job. Allowing you to "sell" in the background and focus on being your own marketing department to rise above the noise.


Here are 5 tips and tools to help you get started.


1 - Create your own line profile, which becomes a living resume

2 - Link to those you know to understand who "they know"

3 - Use the search tools to research jobs within LinkedIn

4 - Research potential companies via your contacts to find referals inside the companies and get introduced to them to network.

5 - Use the "JobInsiderToolBar" while you navigate websites to see who you may know at the companies you want to work for as you are doing research.


These tips and tools will help get you started as you head down the path to go find your dream job. Go directly to the job seekers resorces with this posting for numerous other tips and tools offered by LinkedIn to help in your job hunt.


Nowadays, LinkedIn is practiced very well for getting a job.

Here are some tips for graduating job seekers using LinkedIn to find their dream job.

Fight on! Students!

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Ken Morrison's comment, July 1, 2012 6:27 PM
Hi Jody. It was a nice surprise to see you yesterday. Tomorrow I will be doing some guest speaking at a conference for college students preparing for their career. I will share this website with them.
Good luck on your project that you finished yesterday!
Rescooped by Jody Woohyung Jeon from CareerOz!

The New Networking: Ultimate LinkedIn Guide For 2012 Grads

The New Networking: Ultimate LinkedIn Guide For 2012 Grads | Career Trends |

LinkedIn was created with professional networking in mind, and it’s the most effective resource when it comes to making meaningful professional connections.


Check out Online Colleges Guide to find great ideas for making the most of this great tool, groups and insightful posts for LinkedIn success.


Use it: LinkedIn is the online destination for professional networking, and you’ve got to be on it to get connected.
Create a complete profile:
Connect with your classmates and professors:
Find a mentor:
Use introductions:
Connect with all of your past employers:
Take advantage of resources just for new grads:
Ask for recommendations:
Be a connector:
Don’t neglect keywords:
Go public:
Make small connections:
Join groups:
Establish yourself as an expert with Q&A:
Personalize your connections:
Network in person, too:


Groups for New Grads

Join and participate in these groups to get connected with relevant new contacts, find resources for new grads, and more.

Useful LinkedIn Tools

Find a job, discover new connections, and share your portfolio by taking advantage of great tools on LinkedIn.

Helpful Resources

Further explore the ways you can use LinkedIn for professional networking as a new graduate here 


There is a very professional SNS for getting a Job.

Linked in is the most popular tool to get a job.

Let's check why Linked in is very useful tool

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Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, May 8, 2012 8:51 AM
Wouldn't want to be a 2012 grad for all the tea in China given the lackluster state of economy and hiring. Great, helpful post by maxOz may help dull the pain some. If I had it to do over again I would start my first company at 22 not 35 because 1. WHY NOT and 2. see #1. Great Scoop Michele. Marty
maxOz's comment, May 8, 2012 9:04 AM
Marty, how are you doing .Agree wholeheartedly. Although there is an advantage to being 35, older, experienced, pinch of wisdom and being able to work smarter, not harder xxx
Song Ik-june(Gerrard)'s comment, May 11, 2012 3:21 AM
Rescooped by Jody Woohyung Jeon from Job Seekers Advice with Street Smarts!

Can you Tweet your way to a better job?

Can you Tweet your way to a better job? | Career Trends |

More and more companies are using Twitter to seek employees, with many Tweets looking like an online version of the classified ads of the past. Developing an effective and efficient Twitter strategy for your job search is a smart idea.

Statistics show that job search networking is much more effective when you make ‘loose’ connections – touching base with people beyond your immediate circle whose networks and contacts are much different from your own. Twitter offers an unparalleled opportunity to create an extended network.


Topics covered by this post are:


1 - What Can Twitter Do For You?

2 - Unique Aspects of Twitter

3 - Getting started

4 - Sustain Your Twitter Network


Twitter is also one of very important tools for our job hunt.

Let's check the way to a better job with twitter.

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