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Katherine: In this article, Jay Cross makes some good points about the importance of informal learning. I particularly like his analogy about formal vs. informal learning.


"Nothing is more important to business success than the knowledge and know-how of workers.  ... Organizations that fail to leverage informal learning leave buckets of money on the table. In a knowledge era, it is irresponsible to disregard the prime means of creating, sharing, and replenishing intellectual capital."


"Informal learning is the path to organizational agility and profits. It also respects workers and challenges them to be all they can be."


"Informal and formal learning are the end points of a continuum. On one end, formal learning is like riding abus: The driver decides where the bus is going, while the passengers are along for the ride. On the opposite end, informal learning is like riding a bike: The rider chooses the destination, the speed, and the route. The rider can take a detour at a moment’s notice to admire the scenery or use the bathroom." 

Via Katherine Stevens