Surprising Career Disconnect in Today's Ultra-Connected Workplace | Career Advice |

"Gone are the days when we would carve out time every Friday morning to meet over breakfast with a seasoned adviser. Our mentors had time to discuss our progress, our interpersonal challenges, even walk us through options for handling difficult situations at work."


"Today, we rarely have time to reach out for sound advice and candid guidance. With quick rotational assignments and tight deadlines, our supervisors may not have the bandwidth or the inclination to provide the kind of support that historically transformed promising professionals into powerful leaders."


"Even trading meaningful suggestions and insights about our team interactions with co-workers over lunch seems to be a thing of the past. Clearly, the solution doesn't involve opting out of the Internet or giving up our mobile phones to restore the integrity of our business relationships. But it does mean that we need a more specific and proactive strategy to gather the necessary feedback to maximize our career growth."


The article goes on to discuss numerous areas to consider around how to stay connected in a disconnected work environment. Such as:


1 - Why is personal feedback essential?

2 - How do blind spots impact our careers?

3 - How do we gather the feedback we need?

4 - How can we eliminate our blind spots?


A wise peer of mine always says, "It is not the things I know which hurt me, it is the things I think I know which just ain't so."


Almost every person I have ever met knows the power of having somebody provide 5 easy steps to get started with a new technology gadget. Actively look for those around you who can help uncover the these easy lessons on new tasks/projects to make sure you shine in your career.


One last thought, to grow in your career, there are always options. One option is to use the knowledge and skill sets of the people around you to accelerate and grow your capabilities. The next option is what I like to call, "slight assembly required", learn to do it all yourself.

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