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"In the midst of preparing a plan for my life and career journey, I knew I needed a mentor. Someone who held high-level positions in the PR industry, to advise me on higher education, skill-development and to assist me in properly planning my career."


"But what should one look for in a mentor?"


"The best mentor is someone who provides professional knowledge and expertise about the career field, and answers questions about a job and/or education. A mentor can go as far as helping the mentee see past a specific problem or job issue and forms a clear vision to help achieve their career goals."


"The first step in finding the right mentor is realizing who you are and what you aspire to become. You will also see there are many types of mentors... My suggestion is to seek out all mentoring possibilities!"


"From my experience, an outstanding mentor possesses 10 highly desirable qualities:"


Via Ana Cristina Pratas, streetsmartprof