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The article is written from the interviewer point of view based on creating a movie.  It is an interesting twist of looking for flaws and how to think about them from the hiring managers point of view.


Another interesting point, how long do you actually give a movie before you are thinking, "Why did I take the time to watch this, maybe a few more minutes..." Now think about the hiring manager on the other side of the table interviewing you.


First, as the author discusses, "everybody has flaws", be prepared to discuss yours. Here are some examples of flaws which can be strengths as well as weaknesses:


"If your movie has a hero we’re supposed to root for, then think of the sort of flaws you’d admit to in a job interview: too perfectionist, too rational, too passionate, too detail-oriented, too big-picture-oriented, too humble, too proud, too work-focused, too nice, too honest, too focused on short-term gain, not focused enough on long-term security."


"Any one of these is a flaw that, if the applicant shows an honest desire to do better, can pass muster with an H.R. director. Not coincidentally, these are the sorts of flaws that are unlikely to alienate an audience."


"One thing that these flaws have in common is that each can be the flip side of a strength. Such flaws are great for two-reasons:We will be more sympathetic to the flaw if we see that it came about as a result of too much of a good thing.Your hero will be reluctant to overcome that flaw for fear of losing the accompanying strength. Overcoming it won’t just be hard to do, it will be hard to want to do."


Now that you have a few flaws to consider, think about a situation you were in where you had to overcome the flaw/weakness. Now wrap this situation into a quick story. One last point, make sure the story is relevant and will resonate with the type of company and/or position of your dream job.


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