How Educators are Creating Learner-Centered Learning @ CESA #1 | Canes STEM Resources |

"Recently released by the Alliance for Excellent Education: Culture Shift: Teaching in a Learner-Centered Environment Powered By Digital Learning, a report that advocates a culture shift to a learner-centered classroom environment to prepare students to meet the challenges and demands of a global economy."


In this report talks of what educators are in need of in a learner-centered environment for their own professional learning. Professional learning opportunities for educators vary widely in quantity, type, and quality. Professional development ideally should be “a process of continuous improvement for teachers and principals that transforms practice and increases student achievement.”


If learner-centered learning can be realized then learner-centered professional development needs to take place.The Institute @ CESA #1 points out that they are actually implementing learner-centered professional development for educators NOW! 


Via Kathleen McClaskey