Samsung NX20: First Impressions: Digital Photography Review | "Cameras, Camcorders, Pictures, HDR, Gadgets, Films, Movies, Landscapes" |

"Samsung has completely refreshed its NX series with a range of Wi-Fi-connected cameras, the NX20, NX210 and NX1000. The NX20 and NX210 replace the NX10 and NX200, while the NX1000 broadens the range with a less expensive, entry-level option. All three cameras are built around the company's 20MP sensor, can shoot at up to 8fps and capture Full HD 1080p24 movies. The NX20 features a high-res SVGA electronic viewfinder and swivel, 'Clear' AMOLED screen with no air gap between the display panel and the protective glass, for improved reflection resistance. The NX210 has the same (non-Clear) AMOLED screen as its predecessor, while the NX1000 has a VGA display.

All three cameras offer an interesting HD movie mode that shoots a super-wide 2.35:1 aspect ratio (the aspect ratio that many pre-1970 movies were projected in), by shooting Full HD cropped down to 1920 x 810 pixels. It shoots this Cinema movie mode at the equally cinematic 24fps."

Via Philippe Gassmann