Do You Have a 4K Future? | "Cameras, Camcorders, Pictures, HDR, Gadgets, Films, Movies, Landscapes" |

"You likely have an HD TV in your home. Maybe more than one. A 3D TV? Maybe not. 3D TV has been one of the big flops of the past few years. A technology no one really wanted (except maybe in theaters for block-buster popcorn movies). But the TV makers (Sony, Samsung, Panasonic et al) are in a jamb. They need to sell you a new TV, but TVs last a long time, and once you'd gotten your first HDTV have become a sort of appliance. Who gets excited about buying a new refrigerator?

The next step in TV evolution isn't 3D, it's 4K. There are no 4K TVs at the moment (at least not under $30,000), and only a few high-end projectors, but that's going to change quickly over the next few years. Many new major film productions are being shot in 4K, and increasingly still photographers on commercial assignments are shooting stills and video with the same 4K camera.

Because 4K is the hot topic in video production for many pros shooting commercially it will become a part of their workflow. 4K TV in the home isn't going to happen overnight. But 4K production is here today, and 4K projectors are what's being installed in cineplexes around the world. This also has implications for stills photographers as well as movie makers of all strips..."

Via Philippe Gassmann