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Yep, I suffer from a man-bag syndrome. I own a couple of bags, my day-to-day-go-everywhere Ben Sherman bag, a shootsac, my carry-all thinktank retrospective camera bag and as father of two, the Storksak diaper bag. Yet all of them have a specific function. Still, I was looking for the type of bag I need most. My commuter bag to carry my macbook and other stuff is a plain black boring backpack, when I also want to carry my camera the only option is to bring another bag or just toss the camera in there, unprotected. I went searching or a messenger-style bag that can both carry my macbook pro and function as a camera bag. I also wanted it to look trendy & inconspicuous. And that narrows down the field tremendously. A tip from a friend landed me on the ONA website. One glance at the product line-up and you immediately notice how serious they are about their craftsmanship and that they are targeting a more high-end range. My eye fell on The Union Street, it's the smallest available that can