Is Phoenix area’s long love affair with grass waning? | California News Feed | CALS in the News |
rochures circulated in a early to mid-20th century and recorded during a Arizona Historical Society marketed Phoenix as carrying H2O in abundance, as “The Garden of a Southwest,” where “luxuriant” lawns kept a dried during bay. They mostly enclosed photos of purgation H2O during a Roosevelt Dam.

The word “fertile” was used a lot to report land.

“They were perplexing to opposite this picture in a rest of a American public’s mind that Arizona was this kind of dried hell-hole,” Sheridan said.

There was a time when Arizona was famous for its ”cowboys, Indians, cactus and lawlessness,” a Phoenix and Maricopa County Board of Trade wrote in one brochure, though “the unconditional call of civilization has lonesome it. The cactus has been bearing behind and a plain has been finished a garden.”